Interview with a representative of the Everscale Grant Committee
The EverKit team conducted an interview with the representative of the Everscale grant committee Anton Afanasyev. This article provides answers to questions from the interview.
Reputational SBT infrastructure on Everscale: community questions answered
On September 3, vote on a proposal to implement Soulbound token infrastructure on Everscale started on EVER DAO. The proposal was made by the Identix.Space team, which has already developed a module for Soulbound tokens as part of the Broxus Elysium Hackathon.
Yayasan Everscale telah dibuat
Keputusan untuk mendirikan Yayasan Everscale dibuat pada akhir tahun 2021, bersamaan dengan diterimanya proposal untuk memperluas kemitraan dengan DeFi Alliance. Prosedur hukum yang diperlukan disahkan, dan pada 23 Agustus, organisasi nirlaba Yayasan Everscale terdaftar di Swiss.
Identix.Space work result
In March, the Identix.Space team received a grant from DeFi Alliance to develop a series of educational quests for Everscale. In this article, the team share the results of the work on their behalf.
Wawancara dengan Sergey Shashev
Tim EverKit telah melakukan wawancara dengan salah satu pendiri Broxus, Sergey Shashev. Pertama, Sergey berbagi dengan kami tesis penting yang telah terbentuk dengan jelas selama seratus penawaran Everscale terakhir kepada calon mitra selama dua minggu terakhir.
Launch of the Everscale project support section
Great news! EverKit is launching a new Everscale project support section, where a list of teams that can help has already been published. Now projects can conveniently apply for support, and teams can find tasks and perform them for a reward!
Interview with SpartaCats project
We conducted an interview with a representative of the SpartaCats King Meowidus project. This article provides answers to questions.
The total amount of locked assets on Black INK exceeds $3 300 000
This was achieved in 4 days after the end of the INK token sale on EverStart.io.
Highlights of the GOSH AMA session with Mitja Goroshevsky on EVER Broadcast
Highlights of the GOSH AMA session with Mitja Goroshevsky on EVER Broadcast.
EverKit launches a new service — EverBoard 📊
On the EverBoard website, it is convenient to receive and filter up-to-date information about Everscale network tokens.
Sergey Shashev AMA session recap
AMA session with the Broxus co-founder Broxus Sergey Shashev was held on July 6. He answered the questions of the community in a company with Sergey Dzhurinsky. In this article, you can read the highlights of the AMA session.
Ulasan Pertemuan Mingguan Everscale 🗞
Pertemuan Mingguan Komunitas #109 diadakan pada tanggal 28 Juni. Agenda 📝Rincian koleksi GB Merchants oleh 👨‍💻 Pavel Smirnov, manajer komunitas Grandbazar • Koleksi pertama di Everscale yang menyediakan format GLB • 3
EverStart launchpad tokenomics
EverStart is an Everscale-based launchpad created to launch projects on Everscale. At the moment, the tokensale of the native EverStart token — START — is taking place on the launchpad. In this article, we will tell you in more detail what a token is needed for.
Interview with Identix.Space — an Everscale Grants program recipient
Identix.Space is a company that creates online quests for onboarding new users to projects. Number of quests will be developed with further support for Everscale. New users will go from creating a wallet to farming and staking BRIDGE, and the motivation for them will be a reward at the end of quests. The team will receive $50 000 in multiple payments as they complete the KPI. You can read an interview with the Identix.Space core team member.
The next voting cycle on EVER DAO
The current voting cycle runs on the EVER DAO platform. It is based on the results of previously accepted proposals for Main Governance members and Everscale partners. Every EVER holder can participate in the voting.
How does the BRIDGE token work
BRIDGE is an Octus Bridge Governance token that allows you to transfer liquidity between blockchains Everscale, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. with minimal fees and at high speeds. The token is available on the FlatQube DEX. Octus Bridge runs as a DAO – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Any BRIDGE holder can vote for certain operational decisions.
Interview about the Street Bosses project
We have interviewed the Street Bosses project which is a gangster game in the genre of an economic simulator and an autobattle with income from captured businesses. The game will be launched on the Everscale blockchain.
Highlights of the GOSH AMA session
The AMA session dedicated to the launch of GOSH, the first GIT blockchain, was held on May 19. We have prepared a summary of comments and answers to popular questions by Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO EverX and co-founder of GOSH.
Voting cycle on EVER DAO
A large voting cycle runs on the EVER DAO platform. It is based on the results of previously accepted proposals for Main Governance members and Everscale partners. All community members are invited to vote.
GOSH – the first git blockchain ever
GOSH (Git Open Source Holder) was launched at the DockerCon conference on May 10 as the first ever git blockchain. GOSH is a separate blockchain based on the Everscale technology to offer a comprehensive solution to securing the global software supply chain of open source software.
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