How to farm TON jettons on the STON.fi DEX
Let us show you the farming mechanics of TON jettons on the STON.fi DEX.
25 Oktober 2022
How to transfer LP tokens from old farming pools to new
The Broxus team has provided the LP token transfer guide.
2 Agustus 2022
Farming speed increase
Today (02.08.2022) on FlatQube.io the farming speed in the QUBE/WEVER pool will be increased from 0:01 QUBE/sec to 0.0135 QUBE/sec.
20 Juli 2022
Interview with SpartaCats project
We conducted an interview with a representative of the SpartaCats King Meowidus project. This article provides answers to questions.
19 Juli 2022
The total amount of locked assets on Black INK exceeds $3 300 000
This was achieved in 4 days after the end of the INK token sale on EverStart.io.
8 Juli 2022
EverKit launches a new service — EverBoard 📊
On the EverBoard website, it is convenient to receive and filter up-to-date information about Everscale network tokens.
16 Juni 2022
EverStart launchpad tokenomics
EverStart is an Everscale-based launchpad created to launch projects on Everscale. At the moment, the tokensale of the native EverStart token — START — is taking place on the launchpad. In this article, we will tell you in more detail what a token is needed for.
27 Mei 2022
How does the BRIDGE token work
BRIDGE is an Octus Bridge Governance token that allows you to transfer liquidity between blockchains Everscale, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. with minimal fees and at high speeds. The token is available on the FlatQube DEX. Octus Bridge runs as a DAO – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Any BRIDGE holder can vote for certain operational decisions.
17 Maret 2022
Token sale SURF with EverKit pool
On March 15, Ever Surf announced a strategic round of sales of its own SURF token. The best token price in this round is $0.20. You can take part in the round at this price by investing at least $20 000, but with the help of EverKit Pool you can take part at the best price from $200.
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