Wallet for Everscale: EVER Wallet

Wallet for Everscale: EVER Wallet

About Ever Wallet

EVER Wallet is a product of the Broxus team that allows you to work with the FlatQube exchange and Octus Bridge. If you’ve ever used MetaMask, then you can think of Ever Wallet as a MetaMask for the Everscale blockchain.

Ever Wallet 0

You can download EVER Wallet from the AppStore and on Google Play. A browser extension for Chrome is also available.

How to install EVER Wallet? (on the example of iOS)

  1. Download the wallet for your mobile device, or install the Google Chrome browser extension.
  2. First you need to choose between "Create a new wallet” and “Restore your wallet." You can restore wallets that were created with the Ever Surf app too.Ever Wallet 1
  3. Enter the name for the seed phrase to distinguish one seed phrase from another. Save the seed phrase, then confirm that you really have saved it (the wallet will ask you to enter a few words). Read more about how to store seed phrases in our article.Ever Wallet 2
  4. You should then create a local password that will only work on the device you are using. In other words, you will need the seed phrase to access your account on another device, so it’s very important to save it.Ever Wallet 3
  5. One seed phrase allows you to manage multiple addresses. Create an address and give it a name. And then you need to select an account type. If you want to use this address in future with the Ever Surf app, choose Surf type.Ever Wallet 4
  6. Next, let’s activate your wallet. You need about 0.06 EVER to do this. Click on the "Deploy" button. Choose "Standard" if you only want to use the address by yourself, or "Multisig” if you need an address to make transactions with multiple signatures.Ever Wallet 5
  7. Congratulations! Now you can use the Ever Wallet.

How to create new addresses with a different account type?

  1. Click the ”Add asset" button to display the tokens you can add in the wallet. To add a token that is not in the list, go to the “Custom Token" tab and insert the root contract address of the required token.Ever Wallet 6
  2. Let’s see how to create a wallet with multi-signatures. For example, you need to create an account with three signatures where two out of three signatures are required to complete the transaction. You will need the public keys to sign transactions. Then set two out of three signatures in the wallet.Ever Wallet 7
  3. Next, you need to enter the public keys of all participants. The number of participants can be increased, if necessary. We recommend using the majority of signatures to sign the transaction, not 100% of signatures, because in the latter case, if one of the participants loses access to his wallet, the funds will be blocked forever.
  4. Other participants need to add an existing account to conveniently sign transactions in their EVER Wallet.
  5. How does it work? Let's make a transaction of 1 EVER. It is displayed in the transaction list as a pending confirmation. By logging into the Ever Wallet from another account with the right to sign, we can confirm this transaction by signing it with our private key. The transaction will be made to the addressee as soon as we have the specified number of signatures. Ever Wallet 8
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Numerous network validators have been launched as part of a validator competition. Most of their coins are locked and used for validation, which means they cannot be traded.

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