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What is Everscale?
— a fast, secure, and scalable network design capable of capturing transactions in a short timeframe. It’s user-friendly and service provider-friendly.
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A vote on a proposal to rename the project from Free TON to Everscale took place on October 9, 2021. As a result, the TON Crystal token has been renamed to Everscale, and the ticker is now EVER.

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What makes Everscale a decentralized project?

This is achieved by several things: Many network validators are distributed around the world, Everscale does not have a core development team so everyone can take part in the development of the project, and decisions about significant network events are made by the community using the EVER DAO.

What is Everscale’s main advantage over other blockchains?

Everscale is a very scalable project and, as a result, it is capable of processing up to a million transactions per second if necessary. This opens up unprecedented opportunities for developers. For example, the ability to create a decentralized exchange with an order book.

How is Everscale related to TON?

Everscale was originally called Free TON. The innovative architecture of the original TON project formed the basis of Free TON. However, Everscale is already much more than just TON. Our community has 2 years of hard work behind us. And these are not just words, take a look at the development statistics – most of the blockchain code has been changed and improved.

Who is a Validator?

An Everscale validator is a network node (server) that participates in the transfer of newly generated blocks to the blockchain.

What are Everscale contests?

Contests are a way to develop and support Everscale, as well as a way in which the network’s meritocratic coin distribution model is put into practice. Recently, however, Eversacle has been moving away from this model in favor of others (for example, grants).

What are grants and how can you get them?

Everscale Grants is a Everscale DeFi Alliance campaign designed to attract promising IT projects that can contribute to development of the Everscale ecosystem. The Everscale DeFi Alliance is ready to provide financial support to projects to help them create MVP and/or achieve milestones, as well as provide support from industry experts. You can apply right away on the DeFi Alliance site.

What is TIP3?

This is a technological solution that allows you to create your own tokens (similar to Ethereum ERC20). TIP3 tokens include: BRIDGE, QUBE, SOON, GRE, COLA and others.

I'm new, where can I learn the basics of Everscale?

To immerse yourself in the Everscale project, we have put together a special section called “For Newcomers”.

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