WTON - DAF pair

WTON - DAF pair

Pair WTON - DAF. High yield - high risk

Today, on the tonswap.io, the most profitable pair for Yield Farming is the WTON - DAF. In my point of view, it is not only the most profitable, but also the most risky pair. Why? The answer to this question will be found in this article.


High yield is achieved due to double Yield Farming - accruals go both in the token in WTON and in the DAF token. But what is DAF?

DAF is a project token https://dartflex.art/ an NFT marketplace crosschain with artificial intelligence. Sounds beautiful, of course. The guys are trying to enter into partnerships with other projects from the blockchain world in general and NFT in particular. I heard flattering reviews regarding the project from cryptobloggers, but let's try to test a product of dArtFlex.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to do this. On the website of the project there is only a video that tells the advantages of an innovative marketplace, as well as links to few social networks and githab. There is a blog, there is some code on the githab, there is a video. The marketplace itself is either under development or under closed beta testing. It is impossible to use it and understand whether the DAF token really costs its $0.88. I consider that DAF is a high-risk tool because of the lack of a real product.

What about the actual yield? For 20 days of Yield Farming on this pair, the yield was 16% in dollars. Impermanent losses on the same day showed 0.5%. Yield is very high and we have made additional investments in the Yield Farming of this pair, despite the high risks. The Yield Farming program on this pair will run until 23.09.2021.

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