Winners Works Catalog - new Contest from WD subgovernance

Winners Works Catalog - new Contest from WD subgovernance

Winners Works Catalog — contest organized by Web & Design subgovernance. 

Prize: 50.000 TON (15.000 for the first place)

Deadline: until 30th of June inclusive. 

How to win the contest?

You will need to develop a web service for publishing Free TON competition winners' works. The catalog should be filled not only with winners’ works, but also with works which had a practical value for the project. The contest implies creating a frontend and backend of the service. 

The main criterion is about creating a user-friendly website, which will allow easy access to information or materials, which are worth publishing in the catalog in the view of the Community. 

This is the type of service Free TON is missing at the moment and contests play a crucial role in gaining information and materials. Those are priceless for the community, because they basically constitute the important part of Free TON, which is created by many contestants together. 

Why is it an important contest? 

Let’s have a look on what you need to go through to access a winning project from a certain contest? You’ll need to go to “official” contest website, wait 10 seconds for it to load, then choose subgovernance, wait for it to load for another 5 seconds, choose the necessary contest and yes, wait for another tiring load. After all these steps, you’ll need to find a project, which took a certain place in a contest manually (you cannot filter or sort documents there) and after just 5-10 minutes of searching you can get the necessary material!

It seems that contestants, knowing the whole procedure of obtaining necessary information, choose the easier method - they just use the Telegram channel to ask for the winners’ work in a certain contest.

It’s easy to make a conclusion, that the winners' works catalog is an important contest that will ease our lives. 

We encourage everyone to take part in the contest. And in our turn, we’ll try to participate too! 

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