Wiki Renewal contest proposal

Wiki Renewal contest proposal

Free TON Wiki is a concentration of information on the Free TON project, which is being worked on by a large number of community members. On August 10, the forum presented a proposal for the Wiki Renewal contest, which is regularly held in the community. This is already the 36th iteration, the first similar contest was held almost exactly a year ago, in September 2020.

Stage of entry into the competition: from August 11 to August 31, 2021.

The essence of the competition is unchanged: any activity aimed at the development of the site. Translation of articles, their direct creation, moderation, user support, administration services. Possible actions, as usual, are not limited by the list, the main thing is that the participant's activities are aimed at developing the Free TON Wiki project. Not included in the following categories will be considered more thoroughly by the judges, rejection of the application may be excluded.

Work types

  • Create Content
  • Translation
  • Basic editing
  • Editing
  • Editing Reviews
  • Team Support
  • Create News
  • Improvement Service
  • Technical Support
  • Administrative support

Basic requirements to the submissions

  • Active work reference if the work is not a service activity.
  • Screenshot of the table, an example of which is given in the forum in the description of the sentence. Contains the link, the category to which the work belongs, calculation of the job award.
  • One job, one link must be provided.
  • In case the participant wants to provide more than one work, each work must be executed in a separate application with a separate reference and table.
  • If the job is only declared in a service category, the participant can submit one request with a list of all service activities.
  • Each type of work requires its own requisition. If the work is done in the service and content category, two separate requisitions will be provided.
  • In the service category, work performed in the current month when the competition was launched is accepted.

Prize Pool

Each participant can request a maximum of 5,000 tokens for work. The total payout will be between 0 and the declared number of tokens.

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