Why you should participate in Free TON contests

Why you should participate in Free TON contests

To get a prize-winning place is one of many ways to get TON Crystal from the first 5 billion tokens issuance. 
A little over 10% (around 580.000.000) of the first issuance have been distributed to partners and as a prize for contest winners. The rest 90% are still awaiting for its time to be earned by the active members of the community. Let us remind you that Free TON didn’t sell tokens, they could’ve been earned only by donating to community development. 

Let’s get to know why you should take part in contests. 

Free TON development assistance.

First of all, by publishing works, the participants contribute to community development. It can be anything - designer project or information resource or even smart contract architecture - it will be used by the community for future development. According to the contest policy, the participants' works are usually published with the licence that allows free redistribution, which means that these works can be used by anyone even on a commercial basis. This way, all the participants bring something to the table, even if they do not take a prize. The contests bring a myriad of ways of solving a problem.

Launching your own project

Participating in a contest may be a great opportunity to start up your own project in blockchain from scratch and receive immediate feedback. If a project is really worthy, it will most likely win prizes. And beside the fact that the participants could receive TON Crystals, which can be used for future project development, they will understand that the idea is interesting and they can go on with development and implementation. 

Earning TON Crystal

First Place Awards may reach 250.000 TON (about $92500 at the time of writing this article), depending on the contest. Even if you don't have enough skills to resolve a problem, it’s frequently more profitable to hire professionals to create a project and participate before buying Crystals on the secondary market. Crystals are sold on exchanges from those who have already taken part in developing the community and purchasing them there creates a little value for Free TON. For prize-winning places, crystals are used from the first issuance and the project becomes an asset of the community. Participating in the contest is the best way to invest in blockchain. 

Participate in contests, while you can. And make sure to subscribe to our Telegram channel! See you soon!

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