Why watch and participate actively in the Weekly Meetups?

Why watch and participate actively in the Weekly Meetups?

The Weekly Meetup is a roundup of the Free TON community news taking place every Tuesday. Participants meet online in Zoom, discussions are broadcasted on YouTube.

The meeting is taking place in the conference format. As a rule, the first topic raised at the meeting is the distribution of tokens, after which new proposals worthy of attention are considered, which can be found in more detail on the Free TON forum.

Further, representatives of sub-departments and active participants of the Free TON ecosystem take turns showing presentations. A subdivision of a country, for example, Belarus, can present the progress of its subdivision regarding the translation of articles and the popularization of the Free TON project in various social networks. Around the Rust Cup, preparation for which has been going on for several months, significant changes are made every week, new bugs appear that are promptly fixed, there is a warm-up stage, and every week this event is actively discussed at the meeting. The fifty-fifth meeting included broadcast from the AIBC Dubai Show, an international summit that brings together brands and individuals from the AI, blockchain, IoT and quantum industries to discuss and shape the future of emerging technologies.

Of course, you can familiarize yourself with the past conferences later. How much later - depends only on you, nevertheless it is worth remembering the relevance of the information provided - the situation can change dramatically in a week.

Does this mean that a person who is really interested in the Free TON project should watch the broadcast directly during the event? Yes.

As already mentioned, the main advantage of being present in real time is the relevance of the information received. You will receive news about contests that may interest you as soon as possible, as well as news regarding interesting proposals on the forum, for which you can vote and in the discussion of which you can participate.

Another advantage of being present during the broadcast is the ability to ask questions directly during the meeting - you can write a comment on YouTube for this. Questions asked during the broadcast are voiced in the Q&A section. You can ask a clarifying question regarding the topic of the presentation, or start a discussion on a certain important topic. A good portion of the meeting time is devoted to the Q&A heading.

Since Free TON is an open community, you can attend a Zoom call. The link must be requested from the call organizer. Previously, the link was published for everyone, but due to spam it had to be removed.

If the Free TON project occupies an important place in your life, you should take an active part in the Weekly Meetup. Also on our channel GramKit we publish a short summary of the broadcasts every week.

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