Why do we need Free TON Subgovernances?

Why do we need Free TON Subgovernances?

What does the term "Subgovernance" mean in the context of Free TON?

Subgovernances are groups of people, each of which is responsible for a certain type of activity in Free TON. Members of Subgovernances receive a portion of tokens for community development, holding contests, etc. If the Subgovernance does not perform the necessary amount of work, it is liquidated, and the tokens return to the community. Subgovernances are important for decentralization, since work on the development of the network is not in the hands of one person or a particular group.

Who can become a member of the Subgovernance?

In general, any willing member of the community can join one or another Subgovernance. Sometimes this happens on a contest basis (for example, jury contests are held in Subgovernances) to identify interested and competent individuals. Each Subgovernance has initial members, and all users who join later become secondary members.

It is important to remember that if a user enters a Subgovernance, he must fulfill his duties, otherwise he may be excluded.

List of the Free TON Subgovernances

At the time of writing, Free TON has the following Subgovernances:

  1. Analytics & Support Subgovernance;
  2. Academy Subgovernance;
  3. African Subgovernance;
  4. Chinese Subgovernance;
  5. Community Voice Subgovernance;
  6. DeFi Subgovernance;
  7. DevEx Subgovernance;
  8. DevOps Subgovernance;
  9. DGO Subgovernance;
  10. eSports Subgovernance;
  11. Formal Methods Subgovernance;
  12. Global Community Subgovernance;
  13. Indian Subgovernance;
  14. Japanese Subgovernance;
  15. NFT Subgovernance;
  16. Numiz Subgovernance;
  17. SMM Subgovernance;
  18. Vietnam Subgovernance;
  19. Web & Design Subgovernance;
  20. Wiki Subgovernance.

It is also possible to resume Influencers Subgovernance and French Subgovernance. Korean and Telegram Winners Subgovernances currently do not show visible activity, the fate of Subgovernances is unknown. Mexican Subgovernance was liquidated without recoverability. Cryptography Subgovernance is also active, but this Subgovernance is not yet listed on the gov.freeton.org.

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