Why design is important for Free TON

Why design is important for Free TON

Free TON is an online platform, interaction with which allows users to  make an opinion about the product only on the basis of research, however, users cannot physically feel the product.

When making transactions with a digital currency, users usually do not see a noticeable difference between all kinds of blockchain projects, so they choose the most popular options. And investors carefully analyze blockchain projects due to the high level of scam in the crypto sector. We can conclude that the most important indicators of the attractiveness of cryptocurrency are consumer confidence and brand popularity.

That's how design features for cryptocurrencies are formed (in particular, for Free TON - TON Crystal), - digital currencies do not have a physical form, they are evaluated only visually and practically. Over time, more similar platforms, based on TON source code, may appear, and society will prefer the TON space where the brand will be most powerful and recognizable.


Good design inspires confidence

According to studies to date, more than a quarter of users stop using the website if its content or design is not attractive. Most people refer to poor design as a reason why they do not trust this source.

The impact of the design on the audience depends on both the logo and the selected colors. Thoughtful design solutions create a brand. It has been proven that a brand that conveys a certain message remains in long-term memory over time, and this type of brand is required for Free TON.


Design sells - it's tested

The Design Council report contains researches that show that companies investing in design are more likely to increase turnover than those companies that do not.

And the InVision Interface development platform published a research in which thousands of organizations shared the impact of design:


More than half of the research participants said they improved product quality through design and reported that the design increased the usability of their product and the satisfaction of their customers.

Nowadays there are a lot of blockchain platforms that share the same ideas and features as market leaders. However, they underestimate the role of brands, so the platforms cannot attract more consumers and realize their own potential. Free TON must avoid this error.

We will discuss in the other articles, which you will find here, how to express the ideas, values ​and meaning of Free TON through graphic design and create a strong brand. 

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