Who got the most TON Crystals

Who got the most TON Crystals

It has become known who owns the TON Crystals distributed since the launch of the blockchain. As of November 19, 2020, the total amount of tokens that the community has invested in its development is 14 644 000 TONs. It should be recalled that at the beginning, the community fund was 5 billion tokens.

TOP-5 owners of TON Crystals

  1. World Chess. The organizer of chess tournaments has the largest number of tokens — 4 million TONs.
  2. QuickAppNinja. The community of Android quiz developers received 1.9 million TONs for creating a store and website for Free TON.
  3. Cointelegraph. The top crypto media received Free TON for advertising and informational support — 1.75 million TONs (they originally requested 7 million tokens).
  4. Playkey. The cloud gaming company owns 1.3 million TONs.
  5. Surf Onboard. The creator of the blockchain communicator received 1.25 million TONs.

The rest of the distributed tokens went to the owners of twenty-one companies.

Our opinion. The main part of TON Crystals is aimed at projects that can be attributed to the field of marketing and PR, which is quite logical for the young community.

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