What is TIP?

What is TIP?

Let's talk about the types of TIP. TIP aims to improve the technical aspects of the Free TON project. TIP stands for TON Improve Proposals. TIPs describe standards for blockchain, smart contracts, and also describe interfaces and protocols. Anything that the community considers an improvement may be included in TIP.

The proposal for the creation of TIP was put forward by user Mitja on May 17, 2020, where, in addition to the idea, the requirements for the TIP developers were described. For example, any TIP proposal must include an explanation of the technical problem and a description of the standard, as well as the motivation for creating the TIP in the first place.


How many TIPs do we have at the moment?



The system of decentralized certificates is necessary in some cases, so there was a need to create TIP-2. In fact, this system allows the use of services that require a certified provable key-value store: a decentralized name service (DeNS), a certificate of ownership or purchase, etc.

The TIP-2 design is based more on the TIP-3 architecture, but with some changes.



The TIP-3 protocol allows you to work with smart contracts; it is a standard interface that allows you to implement fungible and non-fungible tokens in the blockchain as a part of smart contracts.

TIP-3 is fully distributed, the balance of each user is kept separately.



Reward scheme for smart contract developers. Monetization is inflicted on transactions carried out with the help of the product made by the developer, which allows him/her to make a profit out of it.



A certificate that allows you to convert back the names of smart contracts from other smart contracts.



The standard for those same non-fungible tokens (NFT) mentioned in TIP-3. The standard provides a detailed description of the creation of an NFT and its implementation.


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