What is Combot in Free TON and how to use it?

What is Combot in Free TON and how to use it?

Combot is the most actively used Telegram bot in Free TON among group administrators and moderators. The bot helps owners to administer communities, study SMM analytics and calculate members’ reputation. Combot began its partnership with Free TON on October 6, 2020, and this article describes the peculiarities of working with the bot, its main functions, as well as how, as a result of this cooperation, group members can earn rewards in group chats.

Before starting the description of the service, let us distinguish between the fact that there are two types of communities in Telegram:

  • groups (chats)
  • channels.

The difference between them is that in groups, people can exchange messages, and in channels, they can only read publications that are posted by the administrator. Combot was created to moderate Telegram groups.

Combot aims to turn any Telegram group into a full-fledged community using automatic moderation, analytics, antispam, and a trigger system. As mentioned above, the bot is the most actively used community management service, to which 13,000 active groups are connected, 11 million monthly active users, and 25 million messages are sent daily.

The service growth rate is 50% per year. Also, the bot is very popular among groups related to cryptocurrencies: famous users include Binance, CoinMarketCap, TRON, and others.

The service offers to conduct analytics of its community (it includes about 10 SMM parameters – activity, spam level, chat frequency, etc.) using the Combot analytical dashboard to learn more about user preferences. Also, the bot is designed to restrict groups from spam and excessive advertising using customizable filters, automatically warn offenders and restrict new users by the configured community policy, and also allows moderators to use administrative commands and a trigger system. For example, schedule posts in advance, add automatic answers to frequently asked questions and assign reputation points to community members.

The functions of moderation of a Telegram group using the service include:

  1. Filter messages by specified criteria and community moderation (deletion, blocking, warnings to members);
  2. Automatically greet newly arrived users;
  3. Handling complaints from group members;
  4. Control and moderation of posted messages and content by the specified parameters.

Administrative functions include the following settings: deleting messages by stop words or in connection with the detection of links to third-party resources. All actions for analytics, setting up a bot, administration, moderation, creating triggers are performed in your account on the combot.org website.

A notable feature of the bot is the CAS system. The acronym stands for Combot Anti-Spam, an automated system designed to detect spammers in Telegram groups. If a user with any spam record connects to a protected CAS group, the system will immediately ban this user. To get started with Combot, a user needs to be invited (@combot) to a group chat.

Thus, the bot conducts analytics of the activity of each of the group’s users, “measures” the level of spam, warns, blocks, and also distributes free rewards in the form of ratings inside chats.

As mentioned above, Combot began its partnership with Free TON on October 6, 2020, which aims to provide instant access to TON Crystals to millions of Telegram users. You don’t need to interact with Combot directly to do this. The user just needs to be a member of any group with an activated bot. Also, an important goal of the cooperation is to increase the use of TON Crystals as a currency, allowing Combot users to freely use and exchange crystals among themselves.

Collaboration is focused not only on group members but also on administrators. For example, users participate by receiving rewards in group chats, sending funds to each other, and withdrawing funds to their wallets (for example, Surf) through combot.org. Free TON Unique Users are any users who have withdrawn their funds to an external wallet or sent their funds to other users (for example, using the / tip command).

Administrators are attracted by paying with TON Crystal in combot.org for the services of the service, receiving a reward in the form of TON Crystal for purchase (in other ways), paying for TON Crystal for promoting their public group on the “Telegram Top Groups” page, transferring funds to wallets (to reward their users).

Sources of rewards for admins and users:

For a limited time, administrators receive a cashback or bonus for every purchase at combot.org (10 TON Crystals for every purchase). Administrators of large communities (to prevent PLN TON Crystals are given Free TON Crystals for distribution to members, and they can only use these funds to pay rewards or pay for Combot.)

Users can receive random rewards (no more than 2) in selected public groups. They can then instantly send their tokens to other users or withdraw them from combot.org to their external wallet (like Surf). If administrators decide to deposit more tokens into their group wallets, users will be able to receive rewards more often. Also, users can receive tokens from other group members in any group chat and when the administrator sends / rewards active users.

Combot is a great helper for the Free TON community, which aims to unite the crypto audience and make communication with users more transparent and interesting. Combot makes TON Crystal more accessible not only for members of any communities where the service operates but also for administrators of these communities.

Regular users can receive free tokens from administrators for their activity and attracting new users. They can send their electronic assets, receive them to their external wallet. And, for example, for any payment made, they can receive free TON Crystal.

For administrators, the TON Crystals group wallet is available, with which they can distribute rewards among users for the activity or promotion of the community, attract new users (allocated to them, for example, as owners of a large community), receive rewards for purchasing services from Combot and pay using TON Crystals for promoting their public group on the “Telegram Top Groups” page by transferring funds to group wallets, ie by making transactions (to reward their users).

If you find interesting features of Combot or know its secret settings, tell us about your experience in the comments.

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