Weekly Meetup Review ๐Ÿ—ž

Community Weekly Meetup #112 was held on August 9th.

Key points ๐Ÿ—

• SMFT (Soft Majority Fault Tolerance) consensus releasing 1st phase. Developers now can join testing

REMP is almost ready for production. Validators have plans to launch RFLD network with REMP and do community testing

• New features for multisignature contract added — for example, protection from replay (the message now should include the signature of the addressee). The contract is now under testing and will be released in a couple of weeks

• New Academy web site allows users to buy relevant courses as NFTs: user can buy the NFT and get access to the course or he can enroll some courses and then mint certificates

• The Academy now is under developing its tokenomics which will be based on the reputation of teachers and students, rewarding system and so on

• The student has translated the Everscale Whitepaper into German and began to build a German community

EverX to share the latest version of the Everscale node deployment script for the BSN blockchain

• 2nd Rust Cup game collection started on GrandBazar. 54 NFT cars are already minted. Now you can check the race alive (not only via Telegram bot as earlier). 50 EVER cashback for all cars' buyers who owned Merchant NFT

• GrandBazar technical updates: reward section to store you rewards in EVER — available only for Merchant owners.

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