Weekly digest of TVM events 🎙

Weekly digest of TVM events 🎙

▶️Venom announced about the intention to attract a billion users to the ecosystem

▶️The Broxus team published an article on FlatQube limit orders and also posted slides with brief instructions

▶️WalletConnect in Octus Bridge has been successfully updated to version 2

▶️The Broxus team warned community about the risks of scam on custom tokens

▶️The Everplay gaming platform released a digest about results and working plans

▶️The EVER Scan blockchain browser has become more convenient for developers

▶️The Wallet Pay cryptocurrency payment service, developed specifically for the Telegram ecosystem was launched

▶️TON & Company has released an interview with Narek Abovyan, the head of TonTech. The key points are here

▶️The first farming of TON jettons is available on the STON.fi DEX

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