Voting results in Epoch #26 on FlatQube DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

Voting results in Epoch #26 on FlatQube DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

Epoch 26 and voting on the distribution of awards between new farming pools for the next farming period (14 days), has ended on FlatQube DAO.

veQUBE voted in total: 120 851.

Distribution of votes between pools:

โบQUBE/WEVER โ€” 34.99%
โบWBTC/BRIDGE โ€” 34.99%
โบWBTC/WEVER โ€” 7.7%
โบUSDT/USDC โ€” 4.49%
โบQUBE/BRIDGE โ€” 1.84%
โบWEVER/USDC โ€” 1.79%
โบWEVER/BRIDGE โ€” 0%
โบWEVER/USDT โ€” 0%
โบWETH/WEVER โ€” 0%

The award will be distributed among the pools, according to the percentage of votes received by the pool.

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