Vote on FlatQube DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

Vote on FlatQube DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

The vote on the amount of rewards in the farming pools (Epoch 11) is now active on FlatQube DAO. The vote will last until March 14.

To participate in this epoch, you need veQUBE virtual tokens, which are issued in exchange for locked QUBE tokens. The maximum locking period is 4 years.

The veQUBE formula
veQUBE = QUBE * lock time / max lock time

Voting mechanics
All pools that get from 1–35% of the votes will get rewards. The rewards will be split up and distributed according to the percentage of votes a pool receives. All pools that receive less than 1% of the votes won’t get rewards and their votes will be allocated to other pools. For pools that receive more than 35%, once the voting period ends, the surplus will be to the treasury.

How to get veQUBE and vote
• Go to the Balance management tab
• Select the QUBE locking period: from 14 to 1460 days. The longer the locking period, the more veQUBE you get.
• Return to the DAO tab and vote for one or more farming pools. You can vote only once at one 14-day Epoch.

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