Validators in Free TON

Validators in Free TON

Validators play an important role in the Free TON ecosystem, since they allow a decentralized network to function. In this article, we will analyze the features of validators in the Free TON blockchain.

Meaning of the term "validator”

A validator is a node that participates in the process of signing new generated blocks - validation. A group of validators participates in the signing process jointly when they hold validator elections for a specific period of time.

Validators need to have a public IP address and wallet with a multisignature function.

Validator elections in Free TON

According to current validator statistics, where you can also view the election status, number and list of validators, elections are held every 18 hours. Each period contains 3 phases: opening elections when smart contracts accept new stakes; closing the election when the smart contract determines validators for the next phase; start of operation of the following validators.

Yield of validators in Free TON

Validators receive a reward of 1.7 TON and 1 TON (depending on where the blocks are specifically generated - in masterchain or in shardchain) at the end of each validation period.

Also validators earn tokens in proportion to their stakes.

How to run a node

You can find instructions for running a node here.

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