UNU Partnership Proposal for Free TON

UNU Partnership Proposal for Free TON

On November 16, the Free TON community received a partnership offer from UNU, a freelance platform, which helps in carrying out routine mass tasks: comments writing, testing software and services, social media promotion, and more.

UNU has about 240 thousand users (9,600 clients and 231,000 freelancers), as well as more than 160 thousand subscribers in social media. There are 1,700,000 completed tasks.

UNU offers:

Two-stage cooperation program.

Stage 1:

  • Use Free TON for payments in the UNU system. Make deposits and withdrawals of fiat funds using Free TON to bypass the commission (sometimes more than 5%) charged by payment services.

Stage 2:

  • Creation of a separate dashboard dedicated to the Crystal tokens (creating wallet, process of accumulating tokens and their input / output).

After the implementation of the second stage, UNU is going to introduce an incentive for its users to join the Free TON community:

  • cashback in Crystals in the amount of 20%, but not more than 100 Crystals per user per month;
  • reward in Crystals for a new level of UNU user;
  • exchange of cookies (UNU loyalty points) for Crystals at a rate of 100: 1.

The amount of TON Crystals requested by UNU

UNU estimates the initial investment amount (for the implementation of two stages) at 130 thousand Crystals. If the cooperation is successful for both parties, the amount of investment will increase by 300 thousand, which will be spent on attracting new members to Free TON from among UNU users.

UNU offers Free TON in return:

Attracting new users to Free TON through various promotions. For example, if users have a Free TON wallet, they will be able to receive gifts for completing tasks on the UNU platform.

UNU promises informational support for Free TON with publications (from two articles per month) about the blockchain platform on its website.

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