Tree TON Fund — DePool for Ecology

Tree TON Fund — DePool for Ecology

Tree TON is the first DePool Fund, which allows you not only to multiply Crystals, but also to take care of the planet. According to the fund’s rules, 50% of the validator’s reward goes to the purchase and planting of trees. So, thanks to you, the planet benefits.

How the reward is distributed

If you deposit funds in TreeTON Fund DePool, then it receives 95% of the validator’s reward. Both the Fund and the Validator receive 2.5% each. The minimum deposit amount is 10 Crystals.

The validation cycle takes 2 rounds and lasts 36 hours. It is recommended to divide funds into 2 parts and place them 18 hours apart.

Today, 80 members of @treeton_chat in Telegram are taking part in the discussion of the project.

Useful links:

Instructions for placing funds in DePool

Step-by-step staking

Tree TON Fund DePool Group

Participation in the project development

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