TON Labs

TON Labs

Representatives of the TON Labs company became one of the initiators of the Free TON launch.


TON Labs company was founded in May 2018. The main objective is developing the underlying infrastructure and ecosystem with open source code for TON.


The TON Labs team consists of over sixty highly qualified developers. TON Labs' mission is developing secure and accessible TON Surf and TON Dev environments designed to provide full implementation of TON nodes. The ecosystem will enable the developers community to manage TON-based blockchains for consumer and enterprise applications. TON Labs are convinced that their approach to work will help solving a huge number of existing social and economic problems.


Company representatives see that the Free TON blockchain opens up new opportunities for developers, allowing them to easily create applications and watch them reach a large number of users. The success of the project will belong to the entire community.


TON Labs invests a lot of effort in the development of Free TON every day, but this is not the limit.


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