TON Wallet: Wallet review

TON Wallet: Wallet review

As a result of the Free TON wallet as a Chrome extension contest, TON Crystal owners now have another option for storing funds — TON Wallet from the team. Free TON HOUSE talks about the features of the wallet and how to work with it.

Installing the TON Wallet extension

  1. Go to the official TON Wallet website.

2. Choose the browser where you want to install the wallet extension. In our case — Google Chrome.

3. In the Chrome Web Store, click Install. In the pop-up window, allow the installation of a new browser extension.
4. Next to the search bar in the browser, click the Extensions icon or go to Settings→Extensions

5. In the list of extensions that appears, pin the TON Wallet extension to the toolbar.

After successfully installation of the TON Wallet browser extension, the wallet extension icon will appear on the toolbar .

How to create a new wallet account

To create a new wallet account:

  1. Launch the TON Wallet extension by clicking on the wallet icon on the toolbar
  1. Click Create new wallet
  2. Write down a 12-word seed phrase on paper, make up a password, agree to the privacy policy, and then click Create
  1. To verify the correct fixation of the wallet seed phrase, specify three words from it according to the sequence numbers and enter the wallet
  1. Click Create wallet and from the proposed types of wallet: Safe multisig, Surf — select the first one and get a wallet with an address
  1. Copy the wallet address, which is listed under the crystal icon, and send at least 1 TON Crystal to it from any other account
  2. After the funds appear on the wallet balance, deploy the wallet to start using it. To do this, click Deploy wallet, agree with the charge and complete the deployment by specifying a password
  3. The wallet is ready to use!

Login to Wallet account

To use TON Wallet with an existing account:

  1. Launch the TON Wallet extension by clicking on the wallet icon on the toolbar
  1. Click Import seed phrase
  1. Specify a seed-phrase, make up a password, agree to the Privacy Policy, and click Create
  1. Once in the wallet, click Create wallet and of the wallet types: Safe multisig, Surf — select the required one and get a deployed wallet with an address, which is ready to use

How to work with TIP-3 tokens

In the TON Wallet you can work with TIP-3 tokens. To do this, there is a section Actives→Add token.

Available now:

  • selecting of existing TIP-3 token from the list: WTON, Tether, USD Coin, Dai Stablecoin, WBTC, WETH, TON Bridge
  • entering your token address
  • creating a custom TIP-3 token using the constructor

After adding a TIP-3 token using any method, its balance will be displayed on the main window.

How to get TON Crystal

To get crystals to your TON Wallet address:

  1. Click Get on the main page of the wallet
  2. Once in the Telegram Chatex bot, exchange the available currency for crystals

An alternative method is to copy the account address on the main page of the wallet and send tokens to it from another wallet.

How to send TON Crystal

To send crystals from a TON Wallet:

  1. Click Send on the main page of the wallet
  1. Fill in all the fields:
  • Address — insert the address of the wallet where we are transferring funds. Sending tokens from TON Wallet is possible to the address of the recipient or the domain associated with the address
  • Amount — specify the amount to be sent
  • Comment — notes, field that is not necessary to be filled in
  1. Click Transfer at the bottom, go to the confirmation window and complete the transfer by specifying the password
  2. Wait until the transaction is completed. All transactions can be seen on the main page in the History tab

Settings Section

To access the settings section, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

At the bottom of the section you can change the wallet language: English, Russian, Spanish.

To enter the account settings, click on its address.

Possible actions with the account:

  • Changing the name after entering a password
  • Get private key after entering your password
  • Deleting an account after entering a password


The TON Wallet developers promise to add DeBots, a connection to the TON Swap exchange and the creation of a mobile version in the future.

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