TON Surf Staking: The Reliability Of An All-In-One System

TON Surf Staking: The Reliability Of An All-In-One System

How to earn on staking, and what are the nuances when choosing DePools? On what basis do the TON Surf developers guarantee the operation of their wallet and its built-in staking? We analyze the main parameters of TON Surf, publish comments and explanations of the developers.

Decentralized Applications: You Can Earn, And You Can Lose

Token holders can increase their crypto capital by investing in the liquidity pool of the exchange, in the validator DePool, or by lending their coins on the related service. At the same time, there is a risk of partial or complete loss of funds if the financial application is a copy of the original or the DePool validator falls under slashing.

Keeping these features in mind, users of crypto-world wallets and services want to have some guarantees about the safety of their funds and application security.

Formal Verification Is A Guarantee Of The Correctness Of The Smart Contract Work

Evgeny Teslov, the product owner of TON Surf, points out that the smart contracts used by his development team have passed several levels of verification and formal verification. 

Let us explain what it means.

In April, Formal Methods Sub-Governance appeared in Free TON, the goals of which Sergey Egorov told us about.

In short, the subgovernance is engaged in the development of methods to verify smart contracts, testing the correctness of their work. These are formal verification methods.

Formal verification is a science on the border of programming, testing, and mathematics. It covers the development of programs to prove the correctness of software products. For the user, this means that smart contracts that have passed formal verification will work correctly and strictly according to the developed specification.

The TON Surf wallet smart contract and the DePool for staking have passed formal verification.

This guarantees the safety of funds for Surf users. In other words, no vulnerabilities for hacking or information leakage were found in the smart contracts of the wallet. But the correct operation of smart contracts alone is not enough for complete security, you need to be confident in the reliability of the services themselves.

Gone And Never Returned: Why You Can Lose Crystals By Sending Them To DePool

There are over 400 DePools in Free TON which provide users with the ability to add their funds to the validator funds and to earn from staking.

Soon, the risk of staking depositors will increase as slashing will apply to dishonest validators. Its mechanism is currently being tested in the Rust Cup game.

It is planned to punish the validators for errors made in their work:

  1. Wrong block approval 
  2. Transaction miscalculation
  3. Improper spending

In these cases, the validator risks losing his stake, including the funds of depositors in his DePool. First of all, at stake are the funds of the validator specified in the DePool — “Assurance” parameter. And only in case of a shortage of this amount, the slashing, that is, the validator’s fine will be charged to the depositors of the DePool.

The size of the validator’s assurance is an important criterion for the depositor’s choice of a DePool: the larger it is, the less likely to put your crystals at risk. However, if the validator has committed a misdemeanor maliciously, a significant part of the DePool may also be fined.

Besides the DePool data, which can be found in the catalog of DePools, the honesty of the Validator is also important. It’s hard to determine a reputation without a long history of interaction.

TON Surf Staking: Benefits For Users And The Entire Free TON Ecosystem

TON Surf is a validator with its nodes, now there are 7 of them, and in the future, it is planned to increase them with its DePools and DePools of independent validators. Surf has its DePools on its nodes, which are available through the Surf service on the main screen of the app. All services, smart contracts, and staking DeBots work without “human factor”, eliminating the possibility of fraud or theft of assets.

Key benefits for TON Surf staking users:

  • safety. Storing crystals in the TON Surf wallet and further transferring them to staking does not increase the probability of their loss — wallet and DePool smart contracts are created and maintained by the same team.
  • One-button staking — the Surf service is accessible even to a beginner and the process does not take much time.
  • Reputation — the maximum number of successful rounds of DePools.
  • The service is designed so that DePools don’t overflow. This guarantees the user a reward for staking from the moment the funds are sent to the DePool.
  • The TON Surf staking service is already used by more than a thousand people. This means that depositors in the DePools of application are much less likely than others to lose their part of the reward, in case one of the depositors withdraws a significant amount from the staking.
  • A user landing page, a FAQ service, and a live chat support service have been organized. Surf helps the user not only to generate income but to do it consciously.
One-button staking

TON Surf staking depositors have received over 250,000 reward crystals to date.

TON Surf: User-Validator Connection — Contribution To Free TON Decentralization

The number of validators is important for the blockchain: the decentralization provided by their number increases the reliability of the platform and reduces the probability of network downtime from the incorrect operation of some validators.

To increase the level of Free TON decentralization, the TON Surf team has developed a staking DeBot, which is part of the Surf Staking service. With the help of DeBot, the user can select any suitable staking DePool and deposit his crystals in it, thus supporting the independent validators. Additionally, DeBot allows you to see and manage all your stakes, even if the stake was originally made through a third-party service.

Advantages of staking DeBot for the network and users:

  • extended staking to any network pools, that is, ensuring greater decentralization.
  • DeBot is on the blockchain, so it is accessible from any application that provides DeBots.
  • The staking DeBot is currently undergoing verification, some stages of which have already been completed. Soon, this DeBot will be available in Open source along with the others.

And most importantly: any validator can generate a QR code or link and promote their DePool in any suitable formats and advertising channels. It is enough to scan the code and place a stake in a specific validator DePool.

QR code of staking DeBot

New In TON Surf: Expect DePool Ratings And More Advanced DeBots

The TON Surf team shared the current tasks they are working on:

  • creation of a dynamic rating of all DePools by various parameters in a language that can be understood by all users. The methodology for calculating the rating will be explained.
  • expanding the capabilities of the DeBot. The immediate goal is to make it even more convenient and user-friendly!

As An Afterword

It’s easy to connect to staking using Surf DePools — just click on the «Earn staking rewards» card on the main screen of the app. Earning starts immediately and without risks.

I’m sure that every active Free TON community member should stake in one of the DePools of the network — a personal contribution to the blockchain infrastructure and personal participation in the decentralization of the network. Evgeny Teslov

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