TON Surf as a non-custodial wallet

Why can TON Surf be called a non-custodial wallet?

TON Surf as a non-custodial wallet

It is worth starting with a variety of crypto wallets in general: they can be custodial and non-custodial.

A distinctive feature of custodian wallets is that the user does not have full control over his funds, because the operator has access to the private key. So, the user will be able to return access to his savings, even if he loses all passwords.

TON Surf belongs to the category of non-custodial wallets, that is, in this case, the user himself controls his funds, keys and passwords.

On the one side, if a user loses a password from a non-custodial wallet, he will lose all his data. Moreover, even the loss of the device, on which the wallet is registered, can lead to the loss of access to the account as a whole. That's why we sincerely advise you to store the master password from TON Surf on a third-party data carrier and in no case give access to it.

On the other side, this method is safer, because only you have access to your funds, which clearly reduces the risk of being hacked.

Installation instructions for TON Surf can be found in our article.

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