TON Storage and its future implementation

TON Storage and its future implementation

Meaning of the term “TON Storage”

TON Storage is one of the components of TON. TON Storage is a file store that is similar to torrents. One part of the user's information is in the blockchain, the second is outside of it.

Implementation of TON Storage

TON Storage is not currently implemented in Free TON, but storage is included in the code. Implementation of TON Storage is planned in the near future, perhaps this will happen after the completion of the Rust Cup.

Storage features and benefits

This method of storing files can reduce the load on the blockchain. Moreover, it will speed up the process of hosting data and searching for it.

In TON Storage, information is divided into fragments and distributed into nodes. The blockchain stores information about where each fragment is located.

It is assumed that the information will be stored on the devices of users who will receive storage fees. TON Storage can become a reliable and cheap way to store various files.

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