TON P2P Network

TON P2P Network

One of the components of the Free TON ecosystem is a Peer-to-peer network (TON P2P Network/TON Network). Despite the fact that the peer-to-peer network plays an important role in the work of the blockchain, not all users fully understand the meaning of the term “TON P2P Network”. Let's figure it out.

What is the “Peer-to-peer Network”? 

Peer-to-peer Network is a network that does not have one central administrative device, all nodes * are equal to each other. Moreover, each resource available in the peer-to-peer network is available to everyone.

Why should the Free TON network be peer-to-peer?

The Free TON network should be peer-to-peer, as it involves decentralization, so you can't rely on a centralized group of servers - they simply do not meet the requirements. As we remember, decentralization is one of the main goals of the Free TON community.

What is the TON P2P Network for?

TON P2P Network is used to provide access to the blockchain, allow users to receive only those updates in which the client is interested, and support distribution services (regardless of whether they are connected to the blockchain or not).

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*node is a server computer connected to the blockchain platform.

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