TON.LIVE blockchain observer: how and for what to use it?

TON.LIVE blockchain observer: how and for what to use it?

TON.LIVE is a blockchain observer developed by TON Labs. The obesrver was developed on the basis of TON.DEV. With TON.LIVE, you can see the state of the following networks:,,,,

The observer works in three areas: blockchain, contracts, staking.


In the "blockchain" column there is information about blocks, messages, transactions, zero state. For example, if you go to a block section, you can see their number, average block time, current validator blocks, and workchain chards. The "messages" section reflects the number of messages, the same with transactions.


The "contracts" column is divided into only two sections: accounts and smart contracts. The first contains information about TON Crystal: quantity in general and in circulation, accounts, etc. The second section reveals the list of unique Free TON contracts and information about them.


This column contains information about the number of validators, the status of elections, and the parameters of validators. Moreover, the "staking" presents a catalog of depulas, a guide to stealing and the number of bets. The last section relates to slash points.

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