TON Labs Security Card — an alternative to a hardware wallet

TON Labs Security Card — an alternative to a hardware wallet

For those members of the Free TON community who are attracted by the reliability of hardware wallets, TON Surf offers an alternative — the TON Labs Security Card.

What is TON Labs security card for

TON Labs Security Card is an NFC card designed primarily for storing private keys and allowing the user to access their Free TON account. However, this is not its only use.

In particular, the card has 120 kilobytes of memory, which can be used for storing user information. The developers use the open source Free TON SDK, which means that users can program the card to suit their needs. Development libraries available for Android, IOS and Web. Also, the design of the card includes a protected SE CC EAL 6+ chip and has a standard size: like any bank credit or payment card — ISO 7810 ID-1 standard.

How to get a card

To get on the list of users waiting for an NFC card, download the TON Surf software wallet to your phone from the App Store or Google Play, or open the web version on your computer.

After installation, click on the Surf icon in the upper-left corner and select Debots options in the menu that appears.

At the moment, the only menu item in the section is “Security card”. That’s what you’re interested in. By clicking on the “Join waitlist” button you will be queued to receive the card.

Ordering an NFC card is only possible through the Surf app, as security requires it. The card will be linked to your account and no one, not even the developers, will be able to access your card.

Still, let’s clarify about security

The security of using the card is ensured by a single-chip architecture, a multi-signature smart contract and an encrypted private key.

Unlike previous generation hardware wallets, NFC cards do not require batteries, cables or connectors, and an NFC-enabled mobile device is enough to activate. 

An additional advantage of the TON Surf card is the ease of recovery if the card itself, mobile device, PIN or master password are lost. To do this, the user only needs to register in the free recovery service.

Andrei Galushkin: «Security cards will be launched on the basis of DeBots»

In the process of figuring out the features of the TON Labs NFC security card and how easy it can be to order, we wondered when it would be possible to get it and who will it be available to? With these questions, we turned to Andrey Galushkin, Project manager at TON Labs.

The card will be available across all continents, with the exception of areas with increased AML risk.

The cards are ready and waiting for their users. But at the end of 2020, we revised the concept: the process of purchase, activation, etc., Work with them will be launched on the basis of DeBots. Since this is new to the blockchain, the path is thorny. But the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely visible and very clearly. I will not announce specific dates, but the main library for working with cards will be published in the near future, and those who are interested will be able to study it and the accompanying documentation.

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