Tomorrow (20.01.23) the vote in Epoch #8 starts on FlatQube DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

Tomorrow (20.01.23) the vote in Epoch #8 starts on FlatQube DAO ๐Ÿ—ณ

To participate in this epoch, you need veQUBE virtual tokens, which are issued in exchange for locked QUBE tokens. The maximum locking period is 4 years.

The veQUBE formula
veQUBE = QUBE * lock time / max lock time

Voting mechanics
All pools that get from 1–35% of the votes will get rewards. The rewards will be split up and distributed according to the percentage of votes a pool receives. All pools that receive less than 1% of the votes won’t get rewards and their votes will be allocated to other pools. For pools that receive more than 35%, once the voting period ends, the surplus will be to the treasury.

How to get veQUBE and vote
• Go to the Balance management tab
• Select the QUBE locking period: from 14 to 1460 days. The longer the locking period, the more veQUBE you get.
• Return to the DAO tab and vote for one or more farming pools. You can vote only once at one 14-day Epoch.

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