Token sale SURF with EverKit pool

Token sale SURF with EverKit pool

On March 15, Ever Surf announced a strategic round of sales of its own SURF token. The best token price in this round is $0.20. You can take part in the round at this price by investing at least $20 000, but we have good news: with the help of EverKit Pool you can take part at the best price from $200.

You can apply for participation in the pool before 03/22/2021 13:00 CET.

Ever Surf and use of SURF token 

Ever Surf is an application that combines the functions of a crypto wallet, a desktop browser, a platform for staking and a messenger. This is the most popular wallet in Everscale: users store there more than 80 million EVER.

The most important question to ask when buying a token is: what benefit will it bring? Why would you buy it? After all, it is the purchase of an asset that raises the price. Here's what's written about using a token in the presentation:

Service providers will need SURF tokens to access the Ever Surf audience.

Ever Surf has already integrated third-party projects such as KWPC, and there are sections with NFT and Debots. If the project wants to integrate into the surf interface, it will need to lock SURF tokens to guarantee the integrity of this project.

If the service wants to stand out from competitors, it will also need a SURF token to participate in the loyalty program.

Use of the token for users:

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Cashback
  • Extended features
  • Unique benefits

The last two points are too diffuse, since the Ever Surf team has plans for years to come and part of the planned functionality may change depending on the requirements of the constantly changing blockchain industry, but we can glimpse the extended features of Ever Surf for token holders.

In the near future there is the possibility of autostaking in the best depool: interest rates in depools are not the same and are constantly changing. The new service will automatically transfer the stake to the most profitable and safe depool, thereby providing the user with the greatest profitability from staking.

Also in the future the request to circumvent the growing censorship will only increase. The Ever Surf team is already studying ways to build a full-fledged decentralized messenger with the possibility of calls on the Everscale blockchain. And of course, it is assumed that users have SURF tokens to use the messenger.

These are only two examples, and the team has many new things in which SURF will be integrated.

Terms of strategic investment round

Total SURF token emission: 100,000,000

In this round, 10% of the total emission is available at a price of $0.2 to $0.3. The blocking of funds lasts 12 months, after which linear vesting begins for a period of 24 months.

Tracking and token management takes place through Ever Surf Token DeBot.

EverKit Pool

  1. Deadline for applications: 22.03.2022 13:00 CET
  2. Pool Fee: 5%
  3. Minimum participation amount including commission: $210
  4. Minimum total amount in the pool for successful participation in strategic investment round: $21000
  5. Deadlines for blocking and vesting for pool members correspond to deadlines for strategic investment participants
  6. You can participate in less than $2000 only in EVER. You can also participate in more than $2000 in addition to EVER using Bitcoin or stablecoins. The possibility of participating with the help of other cryptocurrencies is considered individually.
  7. Fixing the value of assets in dollars will be 22.03.2022 at 13:00 CET at the rate from the site
  8. SURF token management will be available to every participant in Ever Surf Token DeBot.

Participation takes place through Telegram bot EverKit. Modalities for participation:

  1. Go to the bot and click "Join pool"
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Specify the address of Ever Surf wallet to receive SURF tokens
  4. Specify the Ever Surf public key to receive SURF tokens (Settings - Signatures - My Surf)
  5. Specify the address from which you will send funds to participate
  6. Send funds to the address of the pool or text in the chat with the bot that you want to pay with another cryptocurrency (available from $2000).
  7. 22.03.2022 at 13:00 CET we will close the pool. If the total amount in the pool is less than $21,000, the funds will be returned to the participants.
  8. 22.03.2022 at 13:00 CET, we will fix the value of assets in dollars. If the amount of the participant's assets at the time of closing the pool is less than 210 $, the participant will be notified through the bot and he will also be able to contribute the missing amount within 2 hours. Otherwise, the funds are returned to the participant.
  9. We will deduct the pool commission and transfer to the Ever Surf team the funds raised, as well as addresses, public keys and participant amounts.
  10. The Ever Surf team will add the addresses of the pool members to the debot and charge tokens to their addresses with a lock in accordance with the terms of the investment round.

Do not miss the opportunity to get a token at the lowest price within the investment round! Go to the bot and join the pool!

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