ThirdPlace NFT is the first Free TON NFT platform of real-world artwork

ThirdPlace NFT is the first Free TON NFT platform of real-world artwork

ThirdPlace NFT is an NFT marketplace on the high-speed Free TON blockchain. The key feature of the platform is that it works with real-world art objects rather that the digital world.

How will NFT technology help Third Place NFT users become owners of masterpieces of world fine art? Let’s take a closer look at the ThirdPlace NFT marketplace itself and the ambitious ideas of its founders.

The Main Direction of Work

ThirdPlace NFT is a unique NFT-project that is not only a digital art marketplace, but is primarily focused on working with physical, real-world art objects.

At the moment, the platform mainly works in the direction of evaluating and selling works of contemporary authors. The platform bears a reputational responsibility, so it is not ready to put up every work for sale, declaring a serious approach to the selection of works. ThirdPlace NFT art specialists collaborate with talented and promising authors, even if for some reason they haven’t become famous yet.

Works are exhibited in Moscow and St. Petersburg galleries.

Digital works are also presented on the ThirdPlace NFT trading platform. In the terminology of the crypto community, this kind of digital exposure is called a drop.

Anyone can buy a piece of contemporary art that they like into their ownership, using Free TON blockchain digital money and NFT technology. In other words, the platform sells ownership of a physical piece of contemporary art, and that ownership is “wrapped” in an NFT token. A non-fungible token in this case is a digital certificate of authenticity — a record in the Free TON blockchain confirms the fact of ownership. And the currency is the blockchain native token — TON Crystal.

So we can conclude that the ThirdPlace NFT marketplace makes it possible for authors and collectors to work not only with digital art objects: videos, images, Gifs, but also with the art objects of the real world.

Project of Collective Ownership of Masterpieces by Great Masters

Besides the platform for the evaluation and sale of contemporary traditional and crypto art objects, ThirdPlace NFT aspires to become a cultural institution, planning to use the platform for special projects of national importance.

The ThirdPlace NFT creators are initiating a large-scale and ambitious project of creating a collective private gallery of classic fine art masterpieces.

As part of the project, ThirdPlace NFT marketplace art specialists plan to find fine art masterpieces on the world market, and then in partnership with experts verify their authenticity.

The authentic piece of art will then be put up for sale by tokenization on the ThirdPlace NFT platform, where every user can become a co-owner of the masterpiece. It has never been easier — all you have to do is buy an NFT token for a piece of the painting.

By using NFT technology, we plan to implement a system of transferring property rights, wrapped in an NFT-token, for a piece of the masterpiece.
Olga Zvagolskaya, the main initiator of the project

Fractional ownership is available on the ThirdPlace NFT Marketplace. With fractional ownership, the total value of the masterpiece and related costs are shared among a group of users who buy NFT tokens.

When a collective purchase of an art object is made, the user receives the following rights:

  • easement of masterpiece ownership;
  • exclusive right to a part of a digital copy of the image;
  • non-exclusive right to a complete digital copy of the masterpiece. NFT platform participants will be able to buy the rights to art objects in pieces or shares, the price of a unique piece can vary from 1,000 to 30,000 USD (depending on the size of the object and its value). How many people would be willing to own at least a part of a great Monet masterpiece or a Rembrandt painting?

After the art object has been purchased and transported to Russia, the institution that took part in the selection will be able to receive it for a long-term (3-5 years) exhibition. The art objects will be exhibited in special technological boxes. Only the owner of the artwork will be able to open this construction and enjoy the artwork.

Olga Zvagolskaya notes: 

Here we are talking about an easement for the possession of the work.

For the rest of the institution visitors, this box will be closed. Except… two hours a week. For example, the Peacock Clock in the Hermitage works on the same principle. After the end of the exhibition, all art objects will be exhibited in the ThirdPlace NFT gallery — in the building at St. Petersburg, Liteyniy, 62, where the mansion of the Lopukhin-Naryshkin dynasty used to be located. There they will be available for viewing to the visitors of the exhibition hall without restrictions.

Thanks to NFT technology and the initiative of the ThirdPlace NFT marketplace founders, anyone can own the rights to artworks worth tens of millions of dollars, and the masterpieces themselves can be forever brought to Russia: Vincent van Gogh, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin — will decorate the walls of  Russian public spaces.


We are waiting for the realization of such an exciting and ambitious idea. After all, if the project of creating a private collection of real-world art masterpieces based on the ThirdPlace NFT platform is implemented, it will be very easy to become a patron: you will only need a mobile phone and a certain amount of TON Crystal.

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