The reasons we have chosen blockchain 🈁

The reasons we have chosen blockchain 🈁

Mitja Goroshevsky, Sergei Blinov, and Luca Goroshevsky published GOSH’s Response to the blog post: “Sigstore, blockchain vs transparency logs” co-authored by Luke Hinds and Prof Santiago Torres-Arias.

The authors reveal in detail the basic principles of the blockchain and give arguments why without the blockchain present there are just too many critical points of failure to implement an open source project. Including one point of paramount importance:

"only on the blockchain is it possible to prove "order of time". This makes transparency logs limited in their use case and much less secure, blockchain became the most plausible ready-to-use solution."

One of the requirements of the GOSH tokenomics was to:
• Allow for a completely free service
• While preventing spam

The authors explain why the blockchain technology was chosen for the implementation of the GOSH project:

"securing the software supply chain starting from the source code is probably the most interesting real-world blockchain use case since it began."

🔗 The full publication is available in the GOSH Blog.

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