The proposal to establish Crowdinvesting Subgovernance

The proposal to establish Crowdinvesting Subgovernance

Free TON Governance falls into several subgovernances, each of which is responsible for a certain development path. Free TON grows and that raises interest in creating new subgovernances. As an example there is FreeTON Crowdinvesting Subgovernance Proposal (crowdinvesting is an alternative financial tool for attracting capital for startups and 

small businesses from a wide pool of micro-investors).


It was suggested by a user with the nickname Daedarus on 8th of June, 2021. User suggested creating the Crowdinvesting Subfovernance because to his mind, the community needs a group of people, which will discuss development of new products and services, which in their turn require external resources, such as financing. In other words Crowdinvesting Subgovernance is responsible for attracting investors. 


How does Crowdinvesting Subgovernance work?

Members of Crowdinvesting subgovernance also may announce competitions for business plans to develop Free TON. If an application is highly valued by the subgovernance, then it gets access to the platform, where new cryptoprojects may attract capital. 

What do other users think? 

The feedback from the audience varies most of the time  - when some believe that the idea is worth it and it will hype up Free TON, others interpret it as something that can catastrophically damage the whole crowdinvesting system. 

Join the discussion!

If you haven’t heard about this proposal yet - join the conversation under the post on Gramkit or on the forum.

See you next time! 

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