The next voting cycle on EVER DAO

The next voting cycle on EVER DAO

The current voting cycle runs on the EVER DAO platform. It is based on the results of previously accepted proposals for Main Governance members and Everscale partners. Every EVER holder can participate in the voting.

Before making a decision, we recommend to check the candidate projects and also reports on the work done published on the voting pages.

Voting list on the Main Governance members

Broxus has created a constellation of brilliant DeFi products, making Everscale one of the most convenient networks, easily accessible from other popular blockchains. 50+ products & tools already developed or are under development.

Broxus core activities:

  1. DeFi Leadership
  2. Member of DeFi Alliance
  3. Global Governance Member
  4. Core validator
  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

Anatoly Kaplan is the founder of Forklog, the most popular media about crypto and blockchain in Russian, and the Initial Member of Everscale.

Since day one, Forklog has been playing a major role in forging Everscale’s publicity. Mainly, it has become reality due to Kaplan’s initiative, which brought two projects together.

Overall, there are now around 50 publications about Everscale on the website.

  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

Dune/Origin Labs contribution activities:

  1. Long term involvement in the Formal Methods Subgovernance. Involvement in the development of smart contracts, winning several contests, such as use-cases for Zk snarks, and Online Auctions contracts.
  2. Development of open-source programmers tooling for Everscale; development of the bridge to merge Dune Network into Everscale
  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

CyberWay is a decentralized application platform.

  • The report was not provided by the company.

MixBytes is a team of experienced developers providing top-notch blockchain solutions, smart contract security audits and tech advisory.

  • The report was not provided by the company.

Minergate was the initial member to launch the network as one of the few professional validation and staking infrastructure companies.

  • Founding member of the Everscale DeFi Alliance
  • One of the largest liquidity providers in the Everscale ecosystem
  • SMM and design activities of Everscale (including the rebranding)
  • Development of the new website
  • 20+ full time employees allocated for Everscale
  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

Simplex is an EU-licensed financial institution and a Level 1 Service Provider, empowering the crypto industry with a full fiat infrastructure. Simplex clients are more than 200 platforms and applications from different areas of the crypto industry. At the beginning of this year, Simplex added the ability to purchase EVER tokens with bank cards through their payment plugin.

  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

Certus One as a major PoS validator was an early public supporter of the

network, helping grow the validator set. Certus made a number of improvements to network and deployment tooling.

  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

Kuna contribution activities:

  1. Listed the EVER on the Kuna exchange backed by USD
  2. Ran and supported no less than 2 validator nodes at all times.
  • For more information, please check the report provided by the company.

Voting list on the Everscale partners

World Chess specializes in various activities related to chess sport, including the organization of top-level tournaments, operation of the official online gaming platform of International Chess Federation and other sport and lifestyle activities related to chess. 

QuickAppNinja (QAN) provides developers of trivia-quiz games with a toolkit that lets them create games for Android. Developers then self-publish these games to the Google Play Store and make money from ads. 

Click2Money is a CPA-affiliate network with main focus on gambling/betting/finance.

Crypterium is a global fintech project bringing transparency and efficiency to everyday digital asset finances. Today, crypto enthusiasts worldwide rely on Crypterium Wallet and Crypterium Card to connect their digital assets with traditional finance.

MCF Coin is a group of like-minded people who created the multi-chain,

based not on speculative principles, but on the principles of creating a new type of relationship between people. 

Play key is a cloud gaming company that brings ultra graphics gaming experience

to any computer by utilizing a central as well as distributed network of computers.

Hacker Noon is an open and international community of 20k+ contributing writers publishing stories and expertise for 2M+ curious and insightful monthly readers built for technologists to read, write, and publish. Hacker Noon now is not only a publishing company but also a software company.

FreeTONshop is bot-based Telegram store promoting Everscale (ex-Free TON) brand through labeling and printing various pictures and related symbolic on merch. The project made several collaborations with other Everscale ecosystem participants such as Pokerton.

Pi Capital Union is an alliance of independent companies working together to create and develop a Fintech ecosystem serving the needs of users, investors and traders outside of traditional financial institutions.

CEX.IO Group is an ecosystem of products connecting users to the open financial system. It’s among only 12 cryptocurrency platforms in the world with a CryptoCompare rating of A and above.

Itez is a fast and user-friendly way to buy crypto with a bank card on the internet.

The company's goal is to empower people who are interested in crypto to enter the market paying with bank cards as it proves to be very common and convenient for online use.

GamePadBot is a free-to-play-to-earn gaming platform in Telegram.

The voting cycle on the listed Main Governance members and partnerships ends on May 28.

Here you can find an interactive token distribution, including for the Main Governance members and Everscale partners.


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