The Great Tokenization: Vision of an On-Chain Universe 💱

The Great Tokenization: Vision of an On-Chain Universe 💱

The past EVERPOINT & Venom 2023 conference, besides discussing Everscale and Venom, contained many other interesting discussion panels.

Thus, one of the topics of the conference was the global tokenization of the world economy, when any asset (real estate, shares or even art) can be represented as a blockchain token. This opens up new opportunities for investing and exchanging assets.

Some key takeaways from the discussion:

▶️Building the bridge between Web 2 and Web 3 requires a focus on infrastructure and real-world applications
▶️Tokenization of real-world assets has not yet achieved widespread success, but panelists hope for breakthroughs with increased institutional interest
▶️Education and accurate media portrayal of the potential of blockchain technology are critical for fostering understanding and adoption
▶️Panelists discussed the challenges in investing in infrastructure projects that may not receive media attention but are essential for the future of the blockchain ecosystem

Overall, the panel highlighted the importance of collaboration, education, and overall infrastructure development to realize the «On-Chain Universe» vision.

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