The first real battle on EVER DAO ๐ŸฅŠ

The first real battle on EVER DAO ๐ŸฅŠ

"Historical event for Everscale! First real battle on EVER DAO! I hope there will be the best solution to make Everscale โ„–1 network. We all have to remember that we are in the same boat. For now, my heart with validators". (comment of the voted member)

EVER DAO proposal for the distribution of awards for participation in the RustCup validator contest until the end of February 2023 was NOT accepted.

18,469,017 coins voted "for", 30,684,792 — "against".

Looking at the comments, the opinion of the community was divided polar in the following directions:

• It is necessary to fulfill promises in favor of those who have done their job well.
• No more pressure on the price.

Here are more comments from the members who voted:


"The proposal takes into account both interests of the community in a balanced economy and interests of the Rust Cup participants, who has put a lot of efforts to help develop the network."

"Each work should receive its own reward. These guys have been supporting the network for many months for their money, they were promised that the best of them would be stolen. But now they want to deceive even the best. It's unfair. They need to be thanked!"

"I am only for decentralization, but here and now the minority decides for the majority! The majority loses, there is no point in seeking the truth against such whales. Shame on the alliance! EverX must fulfill its promises in full! Where will your Alliance reputation?"


"This is an old proposal (FreeTON). Many mistakes were made that negatively affected the entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, I did not find a single reasoned statement (for) on the proposal! It turns out that my beliefs are such that people are no longer for innovation / technology, but for profit and profit. Just look at when it was and how many tokens (120 million TON Crystals)... Guys, a lot has changed. I recommend creating a new offer based on the current situation (Luna, FTX, market, etc.)"

"Against. Need to make a new with clear model that will be ok with chain economic model."

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