The concept of "multithreading" in the Free TON Whitepaper

The concept of "multithreading" in the Free TON Whitepaper

Whitepaper is a document compiled by TON Labs Technical Director Mitja Goroshevsky. The document presents a project for the further development of Free TON. In this article, we will look at one of Whitepaper's items - multithreading.

Meaning of the term “multithreading”

Multithreading is a property that allows the CPU to execute multiple tasks of a single process simultaneously. The thread in this case is a unit of execution on concurrent programming.

The advantage of multithreading is that it reduces network load, allows efficient use of computer resources, and improves process performance.

Multithreading in Free TON

The role of multithreading in Free TON is that this property allows subgroups of validators that share the same data to simultaneously execute smart contracts. Smart contracts represent threads, and their number is a network configuration parameter.

The number of threads in the workchain is limited: no more than 256, but the number may increase depending on the increase of the network throughput.

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