“Telegram TON LTD” — beware of scammers!

“Telegram TON LTD” — beware of scammers!

Be careful — there is a new kind of deception! Vklader portal brought to light the offer of “making money” on the exchange rate difference of crypto-exchanges.

Fraudsters correspond with potential victims in instant messengers, offering their services.

What should be alarming?

  • In their messages, the cybercriminals write: “Exchanges between exchanges are made almost every second, and the profit on transactions is credited to your balance every second. It is difficult to do this on your own, so an algorithm was created that automates the exchange process.»
  • They hide behind a “license” of a professional participant in the securities market from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which is allegedly registered for a certain investment company “Telegram TON LTD”.
  • Also, fraudsters can provide a «contract» for opening a trading account in the investment company «Telegram TON LTD», which uses the Free TON algorithm developed by the Durovs. They also cite longstanding stories from The New York Times, Forbes, Kommersant, RBC and Wikipedia.

Free TON community statement

Dmitry Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs, notes that the Free TON open blockchain is managed by the community and never requests user data or asks for money:

Free TON has nothing to do with any fiat money, transactions with it, arbitration or other fraudulent money-making schemes.

Be careful not to enrich the scammers!

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