May 09
The proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO contracts failed 🗳
According to the comments of the voters, users generally support the proposal, but believe that the EVER DAO platform is not sufficiently tested, so the proposal should be discussed later.
May 04
Vote on the proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO contracts has begun 🗳
On the EVER DAO platform, there is a vote on the proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO smart contracts to the DAO address. Conditions for acceptance of the proposal: • Minimum 5,000,000 coins
May 02
A new proposal on EVER DAO 🔥
The proposal is to transfer root rights to manage DAO smart contracts to the DAO address. Thus, it will be possible to make changes in the work of our DAO only by decentralized voting of the community
April 27
New proposals on EVER DAO ⚡️
On April 29, votes on many proposals for specific partnerships and initials will begin on EVER DAO. The votes will decide whether Everscale will continue to work with certain partnerships and initials
April 27
The proposal on Everscale listing on Trust Wallet was accepted 🗳
On April 24, vote on the proposal to add the Everscale token to Trust Wallet was finished on EVER DAO. In total, 7,500,328 coins participated in the voting, only 50 voted "against." At the moment, the
March 21
A proposal to make Ever DAO the official governance system
The Global Governance vote on the transition of the Everscale governance system to the EVER DAO platform has begun.
February 02
50 millions EVER for the NFT Alliance?
On January 27, a proposal to form the NFT and GameFi Alliance and transfer 50 million EVER to the alliance was made on the forum. The proposal is substantiated by the fact that the wide coverage of the NFT market is crucial for the development of the Everscale network, since NFT are applicable in games, music, etc.
November 25, 2021
Interview with Mitja Goroshevsky: Public Giver's reform proposal
A proposal to undertake Public Giver’s reform, involving the abolition of Subgovernances and partnerships, as well as the creation of the Decentralized Governance Fund. was made on the forum by TON Labs technical director Mitja Goroshevsky.
September 15, 2021
Pi Capital Union partnership proposal
At the 71 meeting of the Free TON community, the head of Global Cloud Payments Pavee presented a proposal for a partnership between Free TON, Global Cloud Payments and Pi Capital Union.
September 14, 2021
Contest proposal: HTTP Notification Provider
On August 22, the forum made a proposal to hold a competition for the development and implementation of the HTTP notification module for external services and applications. On September 14, the proposal was adjusted to the ideas and comments of community members.
September 14, 2021
Update for the contest system proposal
On September 13, a proposal was made at the forum to update the competition system due to possible theft of the work of one of the participants.
September 12, 2021
Proposal: Big NFT fair Stage 1: Attracting talent
On September 7, a proposal was made at the forum to hold a competition for the creation of the original collection of NFT tokens.
September 12, 2021
Free TON and BetCrypt365 partnership proposal
On September 9, a proposal was made at the forum for a partnership between Free TON and BetCrypt365. BetCrypt365 is a company engaged in the development and sale of software for casinos, bookmakers and lotteries. The BetCrypt365 platform was launched on December 28, 2019.
September 03, 2021
Alexander Filatov's proposal to strengthen Free TON
On September 2, a proposal reflecting the thoughts of TON Labs co-founder Alexander Filatov regarding the strengthening of Free TON was made on the forum.
September 01, 2021
1-year Ongoing Free TON Testnets Support Contest Proposal
On August 29, a proposal for a contest to support TON test networks for 1 year was made on the Free TON forum in the DevEx Subgovernance section. The proposal was posted by TON Labs Director of Strategy Pavel Prigolovko. In this article we will analyze in detail the purpose and essence of the contest, the list of requirements for participants, as well as possible awards.
August 17, 2021
Free TON Turkey Governance Proposal
On August 16, a proposal to form a Turkish Subgovernance, the purpose of which is to spread the ideas of Free TON in Turkey, was made on the forum.
August 13, 2021
Free TON Cryptography Subgovernance proposal
At the Free TON community weekly MeetUp #66, a presentation of the Cryptography Subgovernance proposal was held.
August 10, 2021
Game "Mafia" as an entertainment component of Free TON
08.08.21 a proposal to hold the Mafia game in Free TON was made on the forum.
August 10, 2021
Wiki Renewal contest proposal
Free TON Wiki is a concentration of information on the Free TON project, which is being worked on by a large number of community members. On August 10, the forum presented a proposal for the Wiki Renewal contest, which is regularly held in the community. This is already the 36th iteration, the first similar contest was held almost exactly a year ago, in September 2020.
August 09, 2021
Proposal: volunteer and mentorship program renewal
08.08.21 the African Subgovernance made a proposal to renew the volunteer and mentorship program in Free TON. The essence of the program is to create a Free TON educational component to train newcomers and attract more users.
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