Yesterday, 03:00 am
The EVA farming program was launched on the ⚡️
You can take part in mining of the EVA token within two farming of pools on the DEXADA exchange: WEVER/EVA and ADA/WEVER.
May 16
New EVA token was launched on DEXADA ⚡️
Today, the decentralized exchange DEXADA, built on the basis of Everscale with an emphasis on Cardano liquidity, announced the launch of the native utility EVA token. The role of the token for its hol
May 14
REMP is included in the Everscale SDK 🔥
REMP is a reliable external message protocol. The purpose of REMP is to guarantee the delivery of external messages to a smart contract in one workchain from any member of the network in a certain ord
May 14
The tokensale of the PURR token on the was finished 🥳
Recall that PURR is the token of the SpartaCats project, launched on the EverStart platform on May 6. In total, the EVER 555.36K were collected when the Hard Cap was 500K EVER. Congratulations!
May 10
The "random numbers" draw will take place on May 12 ⚡
Dear subscribers, for technical reasons, we are postponing the draw live, in which 20 random winners will receive 50 EVER on their wallets, on May 12. Moreover, on May 12, we will tell more about the
May 09
Article about Octus Bridge on HUB ForkLog 📃
An article about Octus Bridge, that was included in the TOP-10 of crosschain bridges in terms of the number of supported networks according to DeBridges, was published on HUB ForKlog in Russian. You c
May 09
The last quiz will take place today 🔥
⏱ Time: 16:00 (UTC) 🥳 Prize pool: 1200 EVER If you haven't participated in quizzes yes, don't miss this opportunity! The draw's conditions 🏆
May 09
Android version of Scale Wallet ⚡️
The team has released a version of Scale Wallet for Android users. The version has a browser for working with DeFi apps. 🔗 Link
May 08
Meet the portfolio tracker 🔥 is a DeFi portfolio tracker that allows users to track their own and other people's assets in Everscale. On the site, users can enter the address of the wallet and see how many tokens th
May 07
Go to the Everscale Metaverse party 🔥
You can celebrate blockchain's birthday in the metaverse. The party has already started! In order to take part, you need to follow the link, and create an avatar. To participate, you only need a brows
May 07
ScalePunks 2.0: Rebirth 👩‍🎤
Today, the updated NFT collection of punks was launched by the SVOI.DEV team in conjunction with GrandBazar launchpad! If you have punk from the old collections, you can exchange it for a new punk. Th
May 07
Will you play PileBlocks? ⚡
PileBlocks together with Grechcoin have created a picture that can be composed today! ⏱️ Time: 17:00 (MSK) 🏆 Prize fund: 5000 PILE (1000 EVER) and 180 GRE. 🔗 Link 📃 Rules Don't miss it!
May 06
Learn more about Everscale 🔒
Friends, we have launched a private EverKit channel, where we will show you in what usually remains behind the scenes. The channel operates in a subscription format, the cost is 7 USDT/month. By subsc
May 04
EVER listing on BitMart 🥳
BitMart is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that is in the top 15 exchanges with the largest trading volumes according to Coingecko. EVER deposit on the exchange will be available from 9.05.22, 1
May 04
Everscale Ambassador introduced blockchain at large events 🔥
In April, Mark Feldman acted as Everscale Ambassador at the following events: • Bitcoin 2022 is a 4-day conference dedicated to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It was one of the largest events in t
May 03
The big draw from EverKit 💸
In honor of the Everscale anniversary, we are launching a series of draws with a prize pool of 🔥15 000 EVER🔥 📆 From 05.05 to 05.10, you will have seven opportunities to get the prize. There are 3 type
May 02
Unlock of QUBE for the launchpad participants🔥
Today (02.05.22) the first part of QUBE tokens for EverStart launchpad participants was unlocked. You can claim tokens on the project page 🔗
April 29
Removal of liquidity in pairs with EUPi ⚡
Please note that technical work with EUPi stablecoin will take place during the weekend, so liquidity will be removed for a while. Liquidity will be back on Monday!
April 28
Leave a feedback about quests from Identix.Space ✨
The Identix.Space team is developing the second series of quests for Everscale and asks you to leave the feedback! Do you think the following topics will be useful for newcomers: • Installation of EVE
April 27
Everscale gift cards are available 🥳
Users can pay EVER for various products, gifts, etc. Go to the site to purchase cards!
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