May 14
A new cycle of votes on EVER DAO 🗳
On May 16, votes on partnerships and initials will begin on the EVER DAO platform. The majority of votes "for" will mean continuing work with one or another partner or initial, but if the majority of
May 09
The proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO contracts failed 🗳
According to the comments of the voters, users generally support the proposal, but believe that the EVER DAO platform is not sufficiently tested, so the proposal should be discussed later.
May 04
Vote on the proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO contracts has begun 🗳
On the EVER DAO platform, there is a vote on the proposal to transfer root rights to manage DAO smart contracts to the DAO address. Conditions for acceptance of the proposal: • Minimum 5,000,000 coins
May 02
A new proposal on EVER DAO 🔥
The proposal is to transfer root rights to manage DAO smart contracts to the DAO address. Thus, it will be possible to make changes in the work of our DAO only by decentralized voting of the community
May 01
The cycle of votes on partners and initials will end soon ⚡️
In a few hours, votes on partnerships and initials on EVER DAO will end. At the moment, the results are the follows: Superiority of votes "for": • Combot • Warp Capital • Vietnamese Community • MTX •
April 30
A large voting cycle on EVER DAO
A large voting cycle on EVER DAO: community is determining the fate of initial members and partnerships.
April 27
New proposals on EVER DAO ⚡️
On April 29, votes on many proposals for specific partnerships and initials will begin on EVER DAO. The votes will decide whether Everscale will continue to work with certain partnerships and initials
April 27
The proposal on Everscale listing on Trust Wallet was accepted 🗳
On April 24, vote on the proposal to add the Everscale token to Trust Wallet was finished on EVER DAO. In total, 7,500,328 coins participated in the voting, only 50 voted "against." At the moment, the
March 21
A proposal to make Ever DAO the official governance system
The Global Governance vote on the transition of the Everscale governance system to the EVER DAO platform has begun.
March 11
Interview with Sergey Shashev: EVER DAO
The EverKit team has conducted an interview with the Broxus co-founder Sergey Shashev. From the interview, you will learn more about Ever DAO, the platform development history, goals, etc.
February 16
Slashing for $900 000. Attack on the BRIDGE network
In the morning, 16.02.22 rate of the BRIDGE token went down sharply. As it turned out, the reason for the drop was the attack on the network by one of the bridge validators, who was supposed to exchange BRIDGE tokens of the TIP-3 standard for the TIP-3.1 standard, but instead sold part of the assets in the market.
September 03, 2021
DAOs: How They Work and Their Voting Mechanisms in Blockchain Communities
DAO mechanisms are deployed in blockchain protocols via smart contracts to offer higher levels of transparency at the same time minimizing bureaucracy with automatically executing codes. This article explores more on how DAOs work and their voti...
April 29, 2021
Decentralized autonomous organizations is a flat organization management system in which there is no sole owner or other management apparatus. The work takes place according to predefined formal rules, which are controlled by smart contracts. DAO...
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