Subgovernances in different countries, their approach and promotion: Part 3

Subgovernances in different countries, their approach and promotion: Part 3

The following 2 subgovernances were decided to discuss the last: Mexican and Australian.
Mexican subgovernance was formed a long time ago when the representative used to take an active part in Weekly Meetup. Australian subgovernance is a dark horse which the community discovered just recently. 


America delights us with its Mexican subgovernance, which is focused on a Spanish-speaking audience. Unfortunately, they aren’t doing well lately. Weekly Meetups were frequented by Mexican subgovernance until they were asked to return token support and change the approach in promotion. Last time the Mexican governance representative was at the 47th meetup and then there were no updates on the community progress. 
They’ve got an ideas fund though, which interestingly enough, distantly resemble proposals. And the website, of course.


In the beginning of April there was a proposal to create Australian subgovernance. It seems like Australia should belong to English subgovernance, but the creator of the proposal explains it “the way Australians see things”: In Australia people have no idea what Telegram is, banking system is trustworthy and people lack interest in cryptocurrencies. The goal for subgovernance is to promote extensively, for instance in social networks such as Facebook, Telegram and Twitter. 
At the moment we’re waiting for the news from subgovernance. 

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