Staking On

Staking On

Each cryptocurrency holder can earn on staking, depending on his knowledge and capabilities. Initially, this method of earning for TON Crystal holders was most clearly implemented in the extraTON wallet.

The developers of have developed a convenient platform for earning TON Crystal with custodial and non-custodial types of staking.

Custodial And Non-custodial Staking: The Main Differences

Staking, in which the participant deposits funds to the wallet account and automatically receives daily rewards for this, is called custodial.

The wallet itself is responsible for the safety of your cryptocurrency if you follow all the rules for the safe use of the service. For such earnings, you do not need to have special knowledge and technical capabilities.

In the classic version of, custodian staking is implemented. This is due to the fact that is a Free TON validator. Staking is enabled automatically, and the interest on balance is calculated daily.

The type of staking, in which you choose the address of the DePool and transfer funds to it, is called non-custodial.

Only you have passwords and keys, their loss is the exclusion of the possibility of restoring access to funds. The entry threshold of technical knowledge and skills for generating income in this way is higher than for custodial staking. created a page with DePools, which has all the options for non-custodial staking. How to log in to the page, what characteristics does DePool have and how to transfer your funds to one of them — we will tell you about all this below.

Free TON DePools Staking: Authorization

In order to select DePool and invest crystals in it, you need to log in to the site. To do this, go to My Steaks on the main page in the upper right corner. The login page looks like this.

Put “✓“ next to “Log In To My Account” and fill in the lines that appear:

  • Address — specify the address of the wallet created earlier, for example, in TON Surf. 
  • Seed Phrase — a 12-word master password from your account. 
  • Using Key Pair — in the «Off» position.
  • And choose the type of smart contract of the wallet. For Surf, this is “SetCodeMultiSig2”. Also available for selection: the old smart contract of the Surf — SetCodeMultiSig and the extraTON wallet — SafeMultiSig.

Click «Confirm» and find yourself on the page with stakes.

Where to invest the crystals? DePools Features

After successful authorization, lets return to the main page with DePools, for which select “Main” in the upper right corner.

The table contains all the information that the crystal owner needs to make an informed decision on who to entrust the tokens to.

  • Activity — a characteristic that shows the reliability and activity of the validator. The support service reported that the parameter is still under development. 
  • Address — the address of the DePool wallet.
  • Validator — the validator’s wallet address.
  • Min Steak — the minimum amount of crystals that can be invested in DePool.
  • Assurance — a pledge from the validator’s own funds. Penalties for the rounds missed by the validator are deducted from this amount. Therefore, the higher it is, the lower the probability that depositors’ funds will be spent for this purpose.
  • Assets — assets from all rounds.
  • Participants — the number of contributors who have invested in this DePool.
  • Fee — the percentage that the validator takes from the profit of depositors.

The Choice Has Been Made. Transfering TON Crystal To Stake

After selecting the DePool, click next to its name «Stake” and specify the requested data in the window that appears.

  • DePool Address — the address of the DePool wallet where your funds are credited (filled in automatically).
  • Stake Amount — the number of crystals that you send to the DePool. The minimum amount is entered automatically, but it can be increased.
  • Address — the address of your wallet from which TONs will be debited (filled in automatically).
  • Seed Phrase — a 12 word seed phrase.
  • Using Key Pair — disabled.
  • Choose SetCodeMultiSig2 from the three options for a smart contract.

Confirm the transfer of funds to the selected DePool by clicking the corresponding button.

After that, a chart of the profitability of the selected DePool will be displayed in “My Steaks”. Approximately once every 36 hours, the balance will change taking into account the acquired reward.

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