Сontest review: DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program

Сontest review: DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program

From January 20 to January 27, 2021, Free TON will hold a DeAnalytics contest – a program for the redistribution of tokens between Free TON users who analyze partner proposals for the blockchain platform. In this article, we will look at how you can apply, who can become a participant in this contest, the types, and sizes of awards for the winners. We will also give answers to questions about how the jury will evaluate the participants and what are the procedural requirements of the contest.

The DeAnalytics contest is designed to reward Free TON users who have made valuable contributions to the analysis of affiliate offers. Between January 20 (00:01 UTC) and January 27, 2021 (23:59 UTC), bidders must submit their partner analysis materials.

The goal is to motivate and evaluate the Free TON project participants who are willing to spend their time studying and analyzing partners, their activities, and proposals. Rewards to the participants will be distributed according to the results of the jury voting.

What is the main motivation for the contestants?
As mentioned above, the contest is held for those who have already proven themselves in this area. Its essence is to encourage such community members and motivate them to keep moving in this direction.

What are the rewards?
In the fund of rewards for the participants of the contest, a budget of 50,000 TON Crystal is planned. The funds are allocated from the budget of the A&S sub-department, and the awards themselves will be presented to all participants who have scored more than 3 points based on the results of the jury’s vote.

For the 1st place, the winner of the vote will receive 21,000 TON, for the 2nd place – 11,000 TON. The participant who takes 3rd place will receive 6000 TON. Users who took from 4th to 7th places will receive from 3500 to 2000 TON, and participants who took from 7th to 10th place will receive 1000 TON each. The remaining unallocated tokens go to the A&S SG reserve.

What materials are needed to apply for the contest?
Users should compile a PDF of the most significant and useful partner analysis results from Q4 2020. The ways in which information is presented in a PDF file are screenshots, clickable links, messages, descriptions of actions taken, etc. Based on this information, the jury will select the winners.

How will the voting be conducted?
The jury will vote on a scale of 1-10 for each application. They may reject the application or refrain from rating in some cases. For example, duplicates, incomplete or inappropriate content will be rejected. The jury also undertakes to leave feedback on the submitted work.

Within the framework of the contest, awards are assumed not only for the participants in the contest but also for the jury – 15% of the total amount of all tokens awarded to the winners of the contest will be distributed among the voting members of the jury.

What are the requirements for applying?
There are procedural requirements for applying for a contest:

• Participants must upload their work correctly so that it can be viewed and used in the formats described. If the work is not available or does not meet the described criteria, it may be rejected by the jury.
• Participants must submit their work before the closing date for applications. If the application is not submitted on time, it will not be counted.
• If participants do not provide a link to the comment from the forum for discussion, then the application should contain links to the user’s page, for example, Telegram ID or other direct contact information. If funds are not provided to confirm that the submitted work belongs to the participant, the application may be rejected.

The next contest, DeAnalytics 2, is scheduled for April 2021.

You can participate on the link.

Goog luck!

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