SMV DeBot Browser Contest Results

SMV DeBot Browser Contest Results

Several contests were held for the transition of Free TON to the Governance 2.0 management system. In the development of the community, the direction of Web-free has been taken, in which the DeBot technology is a key factor.

On The Way To Governance 2.0

Currently, proposals for the development of the Free TON community are submitted and accepted by Governance or Subgovernance. In each of the key areas of Free TON blockchain development, competent specialists have united into various subgovernances, whose representatives have the right to vote for the acceptance or rejection of new contests and act as jurors to judge the contest entries.

To improve and automate community management, the Governance 2.0 system is gradually being implemented according to its roadmap.

Governance 2.0 is based on two systems:

  • SMV, which is designed to make and approve proposals; 
  • BFTG — to create jury commissions and ensure the judging of contests.

To date, have already been implemented:

The development of DeBot interfaces for interacting with SMV and BFTG smart contracts is still in progress.

The first part of the #9 SMV DeBot Browser was held in April-May specifically to introduce the use of DeBot.

Why DeBot, And Not Like Everyone Else?

The answer can be found in the very essence of the term “blockchain”. In the blockchain, all operations are recorded sequentially, it is impossible to delete something without a trace. This gives users a reason to trust the technology — they can check the execution of transactions, make sure that they are carried out.

DeBot is a way to communicate with blockchain without intermediaries — websites. DeBot is a special smart contract that is executed on the user’s side by the DeBot browser and provides interaction between the user and the blockchain. Each DeBot user can be sure that the application works in a given way since its code is stored in the blockchain and can be verified.

Free TON already has a DeBot browser — TON.Surf. TON.Surf is a convenient solution (it combines the wallet and chat functions), but Free TON strives to expand the set of custom applications and alternatives, which is why the SMV DeBot browser contest was held.

SMV DeBot Browser: Terms And Results Of The Contest

Among the main tasks of the contest is the creation of an interface that meets the requirements for the use of SMV. The main result of the contest should be the ability to launch SMV DeBots using a regular Internet browser.

Two applications were submitted for the contest and both received development rewards.

First Place

ExtraTON team won by receiving 8.37 points from the judges.The work is available in a demo version in Russian, English, Korean, and Chinese. It is possible to create a TIP-3 token and switch to the SMV infrastructure by clicking the corresponding icon.

So, if you select the demo version, you get to the main menu:

There is a key manager available: you can store any number of keys. When the required key is needed, DeBot will ask for a password.

Transactions are performed only after confirmation by the user.

Using the smart address field, you can work with DeBot in:

  • the main network. Address looks like: 0:1cb4d…
  • debug mode in a test network or any other network. Specify the server address before the address.
  • in the local node. Add “http”.

The judges rated the development of the ExtraTON DeBot browser highly: 7 to 10 points. The jury noted the design and the fact that most of the functions work correctly.

The representative of ExtraTON told about the plans of the team:

For at least a year, we will support the solution according to the rules of the contest. We are already working on an update, where four more DeBot-Engine interfaces will be implemented.

The developers explained that their DeBot-browser is not tied to any DeBot, it is a universal solution for launching and interacting with any DeBot.

Second Place

The submission scored 6.87 points.

The solution offers to install DeBots browser in any browser in the same way as PWAs — progressive web applications.

To send funds to another wallet account, you need to enter the seed phrase or upload a keypair (including drag-n-drop functionality).

It is possible to switch between the main and user networks, the controls of which are located next to the address bar.

Users can make bookmarks for DeBots that they use often. The creation and sending of TIP-3 tokens are implemented.

Most of the judges gave the work 7-8 points. Only one judge rated the work with a 4 points, complaining about the low speed (compared to the competitor) and the implementation of a smaller number of user interfaces.

The team shared their plans:

We will certainly continue to work on the DeBot browser, as it is also a requirement of the annual vesting.

We plan to constantly update the browser to support new DeBot interfaces, accepted in the consortium by the community. This will allow us to work with any new DeBot using our browser.

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