SMV as a voting system in Free TON

SMV as a voting system in Free TON

Meaning of the term "SMV"

SMV (Soft Majority Voting) is a voting system in Free TON, in which decisions are made by majority vote. In other words, voting is focused on users interested in the development of the project.

How does Soft Majority Voting work? 

The voting system is implemented on smart contracts with required parameters, so all members of the Free TON community can see the results of the vote. This reflects the transparency principle of voting.

The difference between the number of positive and negative votes underlies the system. At the same time, Soft Majority Voting functions as follows: voting is limited in time, no one waits for all participants to vote. If about 30 percent of the participants vote for a proposal, and 70 percent of the participants do not vote at all, the proposal will be approved. 

If all participants of the voting express their opinion, the majority principle works in the system: 50 percent + 1 vote.

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