Sergey Shashev AMA session recap

AMA session with the Broxus co-founder Sergey Shashev was held on July 6. He answered the questions of the community in a company with Sergey Dzhurinsky. In this article, you can read the highlights of the AMA session.

Situation on the crypto market

It looks like the first shock phase for the markets is over. Let's see if there will be a second one.


  • B2B cases in the network. For example, an e-mail client, where all messages are encrypted and transmitted inside the Everscale network. The signature occurs with the Ever Wallet when sending, and decryption also occurs from it. The solution proved to be particularly in demand in Malaysia and South Korea.
  • Part of the Broxus team moved to Asia. There is no double-digit inflation here as in Europe. A favorable environment for networking.

About the “drain"of EVER

Due to the current decline in TVL, volatility has increased significantly in pairs. Every million EVER bought or sold now has a much greater impact than it was before the start of the crypto winter. 

Priorities for Broxus updates

  • Localization improvement
  • Increasing the level of product maturity

From the next updates:

  • Full-fledged work with NFT, including support for EVER Wallet. There is a need from gaming companies
  • Simplifying the wallet's UX interface 

FlatQube: a mechanic that will allow you to aggregate all the stable liquidity into one pool.

Right now, our USDT/USDC exchange works more efficiently than in TRON.

Octus Bridge is already working in a mode close to “full production ready solution” – in this mode, the focus is already on Biz Dev and the needs of external developers.

QUBE burning mechanics

All fees for transactions with QUBE are accumulated at the official address. When the amount approaches $100K, QUBE is purchased for the entire amount, after which the token is burned.

About the idea of LEVER

  • Locked EVER — LEVER to issue for the amount of EVER locked for a certain period in the smart contract, which are exchanged for EVER after the expiration of the term, like bonds allowing to obtain liquidity with a maturity date.
  • The issuance of tokens to initials and partnerships can also be carried out using LEVER.
  • LEVER Proposal should appear on EVER DAO soon.

Regulation of the speed / profitability of farming

  • The Autopharm system is running in alpha testing mode currently.
  • The bottom line is that a farmer who steaks longer and takes out less often has a boost. The longer it steaks, the greater this boost.

About the relevance of the distribution of tokens section on the Everkit website

There was a request from investors to show the distribution of tokens in various groups. The information is generally relevant.

We are working to make this statistics updated in real time.

About exchanges

According to the experience of the last crypto winter, many exchanges may begin to disappear because there are no active trades and no large inflows of liquidity at the moment.

Now it is better to stick only to very clear exchanges.

About the EUPi project

  • The liquidity on EUPi will increase when investors or retail come.
  • We support the project because the network needs different stablecoins.

Has the work on the new documentation been completed?

Documentation is a process. 

We welcome community members who are ready to help in this and be rewarded.

About the legal status of Everscale

  • Everscale does not have a single legal service. The counterparty is a specific company at the conclusion of a specific contract: Broxus, EverX, etc.
  • Exchanges usually request Legal opinion — we have all the necessary documents to work with exchanges.

Plans in Indonesia

  • Listing on the 2 top exchanges in the region
  • Entering the real sector is the use of blockchain in the logistics chains of Southeast Asia. 
  • Educational programs at universities
  • Working with institutional investors

My personal dream is to enter the top 2 applications that provide coverage of 100 million users.

What about the big investors?

Negotiations are underway with three large venture funds from the UAE, Malaysia and Singapore. 

About crypto trends

Metaverses, games and social networks.


Less hype means less choice. 

That’s why companies with solutions (like us) come to the fore. At the end of the last crypto winter, it became important how the solution works, and not who shouts louder about it.

We are all in positions, we have no other option but to develop the network. Broxus is in a confident position. We managed to accumulate resources over a good period.

So we are quietly engaged in Development. Development is not just about development. This is community development. And media development. Group activities that will be supported.

Strong partners tend to unite in crisis time. 

And from the point of view of the results of business development, it has become even easier to network.

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