Security In TON Surf: Territory Without Big Brother

Security In TON Surf: Territory Without Big Brother

TON Surf has declared security and privacy as the main principles of its philosophy from the very beginning. This principled position has often been criticized. Nevertheless, TON Surf does not seek to compromise between privacy and data processing, which is typical for many platforms.

In the modern world, an infinite number of services collect personal data and gather statistics on a daily basis. Without this, advertising cannot be targeted, the project cannot be launched to the target audience, a lot of profitable options for finding a use for the user will disappear.

Personal information is the most popular product in the information market. A web of many strands of our data is being spun around us. Each movement is recorded and processed, so that it can be used profitably later. There is one way to avoid falling into this web: to remain anonymous.

If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.

Yes, the collection of personal data can easily be justified by the benefits for the development of the platform. In the end, with all the capabilities of the fifth generation blockchain, which is Free TON, the probability of data leakage can be reduced to zero. There is only one small “but” — it contravenes the philosophy of Free TON:

Absolute freedom of the individual from any, even hypothetical, use of his personal information.

In order to guarantee this freedom, information is not collected in principle. Neither the developers, nor the founders of the platform, nor third parties, with a huge desire, have a chance to get what the platform simply does not have — your personal data.

What About The TON Surf Subscription?

Indeed, the subscription service in TON Surf allows you to track changes in your favorite accounts, whether it’s a sub-governance, a fund, or a person. This makes the surf environment more transparent. With the help of a subscription, you can track the processes recorded in the blocks of the blockchain. At the same time, only what the blockchain sees is accessible. There is simply no other data available.

In the subscription service, we also do not collect any statistics, do not track users in any way, and do not exercise any supervision over their actions. We only work with open data from the blockchain. Data confidentiality and control over it belongs to everyone personally. Evgeny Teslov

The TON Surf developers deliberately limited themselves in the collection and processing of information. This is a principled position, it does not depend on the capabilities of the platform and will remain unchanged in the future. If collecting user data is at the expense of security, then there is only one way out: no data collection.

What It Looks Like

Let’s say a user decides to request data associated directly with their account. In this case, the review will contain information.

This is how it looks in WhatsApp:

At the same time, information that is not related to the recipient is completely inaccessible.

Example from Signal:

The philosophy of TON Surf, including the use of end-to-end encryption based on the open source protocol, provides the same restriction of access to the content of messages and to personal information for developers and ordinary users. No one will be able to read private messages, and no one will be able to associate the account address and the user’s identity.


We have yet to feel what it is like to finally break free from the observation of the all-seeing eye: with a desire to become anonymous to robots, marketers and corporations. Only this will allow us to exist relatively freely in the modern digital world.


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