SBF Trust: 3rd place in Everscale GameFi Bounty

We continue the series of posts about the Everscale Elysium Hackathon winners.

SBF trust is a simulation of the investment fund "Sam Bankman-Fried Trust". You become an investor of this fund and get good ROI or lose all your money.

How to play

Deposit your tokens, and get a yield of up to 10% per minute. Every 30 minutes the game is blocked for a random reason, and you can't interact with the game. If you have managed to claim the reward up to this point, you are in the black. The project provides a referral system that allows you to earn more.

Jury's opinion

The judges noted the originality of the idea and diligence in execution. At the same time, the idea is not fully implemented on smart contracts. The MVP is missing.

Developer comment

For me, the project is not about money. Blocking deposits. Incorrect recalculation of the balance sheets of exchanges. Inflated tokens. Snatching liquidity from each other — all this often goes with crypto projects. The game simulates a classic scam project. This is my attitude to this crypto winter via code

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